Brown Recluse Spider


Also known as the violin spider, or fiddle back spider because of the spiders distinct markings that looks like a violin on its back.  The brown recluse spider is usually not found in it irregular shaped web but rather walking around in search for food and water.  Feeds on other insects especially the silverfish.  Older homes and homes with shake roofs tend to be more abundant  with the brown recluse due to food supply level.  Brown Recluse can be difficult to control because of its ability to hide so well. Hence the name recluse. 

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider

The most venomous spider in North America.  Only the female black widow is dangerous to humans.   Females usually have a reddish hourglass shape on the underside.   In most instances they avoid homes,  but you can find them in outside areas like porches, sheds and garages.   Only the female black widow bites humans, and she bites only when disturbed, especially while protecting her eggs. Good news is thru years of spraying the black widow is one of the easiest spiders to control.

Cellar Spider

cellar spider

Oh yes I get blamed for every thing.  I am mistaken for brown recluse and cause panic thru out Springfield mo homes.  I am every where in Springfield.  Love damp cool basements.  Low light areas and you will find me hanging in corners of your garage and basement.  Don't  want to see me you better get busy knocking down webs and egg sacs.  Good thorough spraying keeps me at bay

Black and Yellow Spider

Black and yellow spider

Such a beautiful spider.  Very short life span.  The female will attach her egg sac to her web and lay somewhere around 300 to a 1,000 plus eggs.  The spider lings will hatch in fall but will remain in egg sac until spring arrives. 

Wolf Spider


 Wolf spiders are usually brown, grey, black or tan, with dark markings.  Wolf spider hunts its prey at night.  When spotted in homes is often confused as a  tarantula.   The wolf spiders color helps it  camouflage itself from  predators.  The female wolf spider is known to be aggressive when carrying her egg sac or spider lings on her back.

Grass Spider


Gets its name from its behavior.  The grass spider likes to make a flat web with a funnel shape it can retreat back to.  The grass spider will be found in grass and vegetation low to the ground.  Late spring to early fall these guys will show up around your house.

Cost and different treatment options.

$99 initial treatment  includes outside, crawl space or basement and interior treatment.

$15 attic ad on Recommended if you are having brown recluse and  or silverfish 

Brown recluse when bad we recommend you do several months of interior spraying

Please check out our perimeter pest control for keeping spiders and many other insects out year around.