Bed Bugs


 If you have been unlucky enough to get an invasion of these devil creatures then you know that exterminating Bed Bugs correctly and thoroughly is vital. Antman Pest Control has the experience, knowledge and techniques to kill the bed bugs infestation completely! 

Discovering that you have a bed bug infestation can be devastating.

 It is important that you know bedbugs do NOT discriminate. A bed bug infestation is not a reflection of you, your personal hygiene, or the cleanliness of your home.Many bed bug infestations come from traveling and staying in hotels that are infested or having house guests that have been traveling. You are not alone and certainly are not the only one who has encountered the bed bug in some way. With bed bugs on the rise every one by now has either encountered them first had or knows someone who has. 

Proper preparation

 Proper preparation of the home for bed bug treatment is the first step to becoming bed bug free. You efforts in the treatment process will be a key fact  in how many treatments will be required to become bed bug free.  We require 4 minimum treatments, although larger infestation could go beyond the 4 treatments. Treatments are done bi-weekly until the  infestation has been resolved.  Following these steps will help us and you rid the infestation in a timely manner. 

Preparing your Home for Bed Bug Treatment

 1)  Do NOT remove any  items from your home to another home prior to the bed bug treatment. Doing so can spread the infestation. 

 2)  Inspect all house hold items for signs of infestation: beds, head boards,bed frames, dressers, night stands, book shelves, etc…

 3)  Remove all bedding and launder in hot water if possible according to the label. Dry on the highest setting without causing damage to the items. All clothing stored in dressers that have been in an infested room should be laundered and dried as mentioned above. All laundered items should be double bagged and kept stored until the infestation has resolved. Do NOT put items back in drawers until you have been determined to be bed bug free. 

 4)  Other textile items such as curtains, stuffed toys, throw rugs etc… should be placed in dryer on the highest setting without damaging items. Again store items in a double bag until determined to be bed bug free. 

 5)  Inspect items that cannot be washed, such as books, certain shoes, electronics

 6)  Move all furniture at least 2 ft away from walls, as you technician will need  to treat and or examine these areas. 

 7)  Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Vacuum all floors (including hard surface floors), mattresses, box springs, couches and chairs. Vacuum the crevices thoroughly including around base boards. This will remove some live bug and nymphs. If at all possible steam clean all of these areas. If you do not have access to a steam cleaner, wash the washable areas with hot soapy water to remove any bed bug debris (bed frames, head boards, dressers, night stands, and base boards. This process may also remove eggs. 

 8)  Do NOT throw away any furniture until is has been inspected by your technician. The majority of the time items can be saved. In some cases items cannot be saved. Please take extra caution when disposing of items. Use a box cutter knife to render the item unusable. Some people have been using bright orange spray paint to paint the word BED BUGS on the items. 

 9)  Have a safe place for small children and pets to go to while your treatment is being done. Do NOT bring children or pets in to the home until the treatment is dry. Some chemical treatments can be irritating to the skin when it is wet. 

10)  Purchase bed bug protectors for all mattresses and box springs in the home. Do NOT put protectors on until your technician instructs you to do so.  Preparing for a bed bug treatment is time consuming and exhausting, however we cannot stress enough the importance of these steps to ensure that you get back to a normal bed bug free life. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.  417-880-2687 

I thought you had to treat with heat ?

 If you read the internet you may come to the conclusion that heat is the only way.

 A lot of big companies are switching back to chemical and for good reasons.

Heat is expensive and may require several treatments to be successful.

Damage has become a big issue with heat.

Bed bugs tend to hide in cool spot of walls and usually return to visit you long after warranty is over. 

We have successfully treated over 1,000 homes for bed bugs.  Were here to help


$200 Initial treatment

$100.00 Follow ups