Mice and Rats

House Mouse


Color dusty gray weigh around a ounce.  Length 2 to 4 inches,  Life span 1-2 years.  These guys only need 1/4 opening to get into your home.  That is less than half the size of your pinkie finger.  Litter size 5 to 7 pups.  Will have up to 10 litters a year.   Nocturnal; most feeding occurs 30 minutes after sunset.  Scientific name   Mus Musculus meaning "little thief" 

Deer Mice


 Reddish-brown to golden brown, white feet & chest.  Large black eyes, large furred ears.  Not normally found in city unless you live next to fields.  Larger than a house mouse. Will stay 25 to 30 feet from food source.  Found around trees, barns, garages.  Most infestation in homes I have come across has been after a field has been cut.

Norway/ Brown rat


These rats can get huge almost 16" in length.  If your feeding chickens these guys always seem to show up.  Mild winters and new construction also has played a role in their increased population.


$99   We use baits, which might include outside stations, crawlspace. attic, and interior stations. All with keeping your children and pets safe.