Fleas Springfield Mo

Understanding Fleas


The adult female flea is capable of laying 20-50 eggs per day.  She can live up to one year, in some cases longer. The female flea is mostly asexual and can only begin to lay eggs after her first blood meal. The female flea lays its eggs on your pet, but the egg rarely remains there to hatch. The host (dog, cat, squirrel, etc.) scratches, moves around and the egg falls off. There it will remain for the next 2-5 days. The flea egg will hatch into larva stage which is worm like and will feed off of available organic matter and flea feces (dried blood). This stage can last for 8-15 days before cocooning itself for the next stage which is the pupa stage. Under normal conditions the pupa stage can last for 3-5 days. The pupa stage has been observed to last up to a year waiting for conditions to become favorable for feeding. The pupa emerges from the cocoon and begins to feed on the host.

The life cycle of the flea is where all your problems arise. Since the female lays eggs daily then her offspring lays their eggs daily, it’s clear how a flea infestation can get quite large if not treated properly and in the beginning stages.

Identifying that you have a flea infestation can be as simple as checking your pet. If your pet has fleas there is a problem somewhere whether it be your yard or your home.

Non Chemical Methods before using a Pesticide

 Vacuuming is needed before applying chemical it is essential to remove eggs, larvae, and feces, and to stimulate flea pupae to emerge from the cocoon so that it can be exposed to the pesticide.


  • Linens that have been in contact with the animal host, including pet bedding, blankets, and throw rugs, should be washed and dried at hot temperatures.  Vacuum pet sleeping and resting areas.
  • Vacuum furniture including the back and undersides, all cushions, and in the crevices of sofas and chairs.
  •  Vacuum pet sleeping and resting areas. 
  •  Vacuum the entire carpet surface area .
  • If your carpet could use a cleaning this is a great time to do it.

Treat your pet

 Pets must be treated to stop re infestation of the premises.  Try to treat your pet around the same time you have your house treated.

Consider treating your yard

Do to pets, squirrels, rabbits, deer, mice, etc your back yard should be considered if you frequently have pets coming in and out.

Applying chemical Days 1 and 14 Takes 2 applications

Please keep in mind it will take 21 days before your fleas are totally gone

Vacuum the day of treatment and the day after

Day 14  2nd chemical application Vacuum day of treatment and day after

If you have a bag vacuum you need to throw away bag often during this process.  

Play a lot of music during the 14 days to ensure all fleas are hatching 


Initial treatment $99 Pets and humans out time approx 2-4 hours

Follow up around day 14 ($50)

Backyard treated at the time of inside service $50 

Backyard by itself $99 not done on day of inside treatment