German Cockroach Springfield mo

 You have heard it before that Roaches can survive almost anything.  Being over 300 million years old they have successfully adjusted to living with humans. Only 5 species are known to invade Springfield Mo area homes.  These are the German, Brown-banded, Oriental, Pennsylvania, and American cockroaches. 

German Cockroach

  German Cockroach is about 1/2 to 5/8 inch long.  Is easily identified in adult stage by its dark  parallel stripes behind it head.  Mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms in homes.  Prefer warm moist environment.  When in large numbers they leave coffee like droppings all over you cabinets and have a musty smell to them. The German Cockroach can be extremely difficult to control due to the fact the female cockroach will produce around 35 to 40 eggs on average at a time.   The female then carries the egg capsule and protects the embryos until hatching.  Hatching time is one month so you can easily see how a few roaches can turn into thousands in months not years.

Oriental Cockroach

Also known here in the Ozarks as a water bug. This cockroach is shiny black and is about 1.25 inches long. They have wings, but the male or female roach can not fly.  They love lots of moisture so are commonly found in crawlspaces and mulch woody areas around the house.  Changing out landscaping and looking for water leaks can have a big impact on these guys.  When populations get large around and under the house they start showing there presence.

American Cockroach

These cockroaches can reach a length of 3 plus inches.  Both male and female after becoming adults can fly.  Infestations normally are found in cool damp basements.  Reddish brown in color and will have yellow band behind the head of the cockroach.

Brown-banded and Pennsylvania

 Brown-banded cockroaches are identified by the two lighter bands they have across their dark brownish bodies.  Normally are found in attics or higher places like upper cabinets have been known to lay eggs in furniture.  Prefer warmer temperatures is why this roach is found in higher locations.  Also prefers a dry environment.  

Pennsylvania roach   This is also known in Mo as a wood roach.  Most of the time this roach is brought in with firewood.  Having lots of wood debris around the house can also cause this roach to show up in your home.  Adult males are approximately 1 inch long; females grow to about 3/4 inch long.    Pennsylvania wood cockroaches feed primarily on decaying organic matter.   They can be especially troublesome during the mating season, which is during May and June.  

Are your Roaches out of control?

When roaches are seen during the day.  You more than likely have a severe roach infestation. The picture to the right was a roach job here in Springfield Mo, were they where found behind all picture frames in the home.

Advance Treatment

Years ago it took a long time to get rid of your roaches even using a professional.  With new advancements in the roach available products like IGRs and transfer effect chemicals Roaches have become much easier to control  reducing the number of treatments to have a roach free home.


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Follow up visits monthly till gone $50

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