Perimeter Pest Control

$29 a month year around protection

Perimeter Pest Control Springfield Mo

Get them out then keep them out,  Includes rodent control.

This is by far has become the biggest service we do here at Antman.  For good reason it works.  By applying a band of chemical around your home we are able to keep out or control unwanted  pest.

Why should i be on this service ?


Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control

  1. Controls many pest and helps protect your home and landscaping.
  2. We use low toxicity chemicals that are still effective, but safe for you and your family.
  3.  Here in Missouri we get a lot of rain.  So even if a applied pesticide may have the ability to last more than 30 days the chances are slim. By applying a band around your house once a month we are able to give you superior results.
  4. Does not harm your bushes,lawn, flowers or soil.
  5. Application takes place outdoors so lowers your exposure to chemicals that normally would be applied inside.
  6.  Convenient you do not have to be home for this service.  We leave a sticky note on your door letting you know we have been there and provided you service.
  7. Includes rodent control.  We install bait stations that are used to stop mice and rats from entering the home.  If your home has a crawl space it includes crawl space treatment.  
  8. Cost in the past this service was twice the price it is now.  We now do thousands of stops and service a large surrounding area of Springfield.  Since the Perimeter service does not require an appointment we are able to group homes that are close together and pass this savings on to the customer.
  9. Helps control a large variety of pest.
  10. Results is why are customers stay on this service.  If for some reason you are invaded which can happen sometimes we are here to get you back on track


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