Pantry Pest

Indian mill moth Springfield Mo

Indian mill moth

Indian meal moth has to be the most common pantry pest in Springfield mo.  Indian meal moths have a wingspan of about 3/4" when at rest. Indian Meal moths only live for 5-7 days. Their major function is to reproduce.  If you have Indian mill moths in your house its time to play detective.  Finding the source is a must in recovering from this pest.  Look in all grains, flour, pasta, cornmeal, pasta, dog food, spices. especially bird food.  Crack crevice pesticides and pheromone traps work real well with this pest because the male moth is very attracted to the pheromone scent. 

Rice Wevil Springfield Mo

Rice Wevil

 Rice weevils are about 1/8 of an inch long. Will have spots on there thorax.  They are usually brown and black in color.  Guess what they like rice.  Rice weevils will feed on a large variety of food sources.  Such as corn, pasta, bread, nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and it doesn't stop.  The adult loves fruit such as apples, grapes, pears, peaches.  They fly pretty well which makes it easier for them to infest other areas of the home.  They can feed on your furniture and  clothing.  It is best to do major cleaning and try to vacuum up as many as possible.  Residue sprays mixed with IGR does well on these guys. Wasting your time if you are trying to freeze the rice weevil they have crazy ability to reemerge after long periods of freezing.

Red Flour Bettle Springfield Mo

Red Flour Beetle

Red flour beetle is about 3/16 inch long reddish brown in color.  Will find in grain most of the time but will infest most all dry food products.  Again finding the source is key to eliminating these guys.  Inspect all food products if your OK with freezing products to save on throwing the food out. Please note it will take a bout a week in the freezer. Try to get in habit of storing food in glass jars, heavy plastic materials and metal containers to prevent future problems from spreading.


$99 may have ad on charges for pheromone traps which is advised