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We are Family Owned and Operated

Antman of Springfield Missouri is a pest control and extermination company that has been serving the greater Ozarks area for over 10 years. Being a small family owned business, our overhead is extremely low, and we pass those savings on to you! No where in Springfield Missouri will you find a pest control company as affordable, effective and concerned with your safety as we are.


No Hidden Fees!

No bait and switch here. Prices are always quoted upfront. Any add-ons would be at the request of the customer(s) only. We strive in maintaining our honest reputation each and every day. At Antman, we guarantee our services PERIOD or we will re-treat the premises again absolutely free without any question.


Safe Pest Control

Here at Antman Pest Control, we have learned through the years that organic pesticides are not necessarily safe products. Instead or always using organics, we lean more towards lower toxicity, low odor pesticides that instruct us how to keep your family safe during and after your pest control service.


Antman Provides

Commercial and Residential pest services for
many pest problems including but not limited to:




Payment Made Easy

Payments are made easy at Antman Pest Control. We offer several convenient ways to pay. We accept major credit cards on location, over the phone, or you can even pay us on our website. We also accept cash, money order or personal checks. We make the process easy and convenient for you. If you would like to pay your bill online, simply follow the link below to a safe and secure checkout.


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Block Out Bugs With

Perimeter Pest Protection




Keep pests out of your home by targeting where they
gain access, and the outside areas where they hide.


1 Time Service

Most pest situations only require one treatment per year. We are the Home of the 1 Time Service.

Client Testimonials


After the Spring rain, ants basically took over our restaurant. We called Antman once, and they took care of the problem. We will use them every year. Thanks guys.

John- Restaurant Owner


  • I want to get my house treated, but is it dangerous?

    Most store bought aerosol can pesticides can be more toxic than the products that we use.

  • I keep a clean house; did my neighbor give me roaches?

    If you neighbor has an extreme infestation, yes this is possible. Most of the time roaches are brought in by paper products.

    This could include:
    Boxes, paper grocery bags, second hand appliances, furniture, and your guests. Yes, some people carry roaches with them!

  • Why wont my ant bait work anymore?

    As high as 70% of our ant extermination jobs have used Terror or some form of ant bait. Ant colonies can range as high as 300,000 to 500,000 ants. If proper feeding of the ants is not accomplished, it can take weeks if not months to rid your ant colony. Ants can break off into remote colonies under your house, in your walls, and even under the carpet. If you still want to try to get rid of them yourself, try baiting outside areas only. Also you can find a spray bottle using Dawn dish soap (around 4-5 ounces) and the rest tap water, thus spraying the ants inside your home. The ants will die instantly. This is also recommended if you are waiting for an appointment with us. Keep your counters clean, dishes put up, and your pets food up high and allow time for the bait to work.

Bug Trivia


  • Insects now represent 60% of all living species including animals and plants combined.
  • Cock Roaches can live up to 3-4 weeks with their head cut off.
  • The female black widow is the most poisonous spider in the United States. When the female mates
    with a male she will eat him afterwards.
  • Mosquito wings flap 300-600 times per second, and can hone in on you up to 75 feet away.
  • Spiders are one of the most feared animals in the world.
  • You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider..
  • Fleas have killed more people than all wars combined.
  • Mosquito has caused more deaths in the world than fleas.
  • People that try to do there own pest control end up in divorce. Just kidding!