The Many Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company

Do you have a new house or property? Before you break it in with a great house warming party with friends and family, it pays to have a pest control company on speed dial before several kinds of insects warm up to your house real soon.

As a huge investment especially for first time homeowners and entrepreneurs, there are many benefits to having a pest control company at your beck and call not just during infestations but also as a preventive ...

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How Carpenter Ants Can Damage Your Home

An anthill may be a common sight to anyone. May it be in a school playground, on a lawn, or beside precious flowers, an ant’s shelter seems harmless. In some instances even,this ant’s incredible industry just becomes a marvel to witness. However, ants are a threat to homes that are made of wood and these are destructive enough to cause damage to your dream home.

Carpenter ants in particular seem to operate flawlessly as they gradually destroy the ...

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Understanding Houseflies

Humans have been successfully living among different creatures walking, and crawling and flying, on the face of the earth. Some of these creatures were even brought along to live with people like a member of the family, particularly cats and dogs. However, there is this one tiny flying creature that wants to live peacefully and undisturbed and share with people’s foods whether you like it or not. It is commonly known as the housefly.

Fly Facts

Belonging ...

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How to Get Rid of Termites

The first ever dwelling made by man was made from wood. Until this very day, woods are still used for building structures. These are also used to create furniture, like tables, chairs, shelves. Wood is indeed a great, versatile material. However, wood is also the primary diet of termites. It’s hard to spot these little pests. As soon as signs of termite infestation begin to appear, it’s actually a bad indication that they have already started wreaking havoc to one’s ...

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4 Most Common Pest Phobias

Pests can be classified into unwanted plants, organisms, insects and animals. They grow and multiply in areas wherein the surroundings are dirty and unhealthy. Usually, they live in the dirtiest part of the house – in the kitchen sink, pillows, and in the bathroom where it festers even in toothbrushes! Because of the disturbance it causes, it strikes fear in every family, more so in some than the others.  And this level of chronic fear is what ...

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How to Get Rid of Garden Pests

The desire to recreate nature’s beauty in one’s own space is probably one of the main reasons why gardens were invented. You’ll see various types of gardens in properties, such as residential, zen, botanical, and many more. However, gardening is not just a walk in the park. There are serious problems the gardeners have to face before they cansee the fruits of their labor. Aside from weather challenges, pests may also be a problem.

Pests and Your Garden

For ...

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One Hundred Feet of Hassle: The Annoyance of the Common Centipede

The name centipede would have you imagine horrific nightmare creatures with a hundred legs, the truth is that they have anywhere between 17 to 150 pairs of them depending on the size and age of the particular centipede. Classified as arthropods, they are distinguished by their flat, segmented bodies that can run anything from a gray to a brownish yellow coloration. Each of their square-ish segments has one pair of legs. They vary in size, too. These ...

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Pest Control Tips for a Healthier Home

There is no place as conducive and as perfect for pests of any kind as a suburban home. With all its nooks and crannies, moist spots, water puddles, appliances, and of course, its humans – it is such a haven for pesky bugs in more ways than one.

No matter how well-built a house is, everyday toll and a few ignored practices are all it takes to keep pests at bay and maintain the health of the humans ...

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The Five Things You Need To Do If You Get Bitten By Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are quite common. It’s hard to catch them as they are tiny and when spotted, they can fly away quickly, safe from your reach. Only female mosquitoes feed on your blood. They need human blood to get their protein supply needed for reproduction. The male mosquitoes only feed on nectar from flowers.

It’s quite easy to distinguish mosquito bites. The most common telltale sign is the red, itchy swollen bump that goes away after a few ...

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Cockroaches: Harbingers of Allergens

Everyone instinctively knows that cockroaches are filthy and dirty things. As silly as it might seem from something so small, there are quite a few that might even harbor a morbid fear of these rodents. Some can fly, some can’t, and all scurry about surreptitiously like they were up to something. The fear and disgust we feel for them is grounded in reality.

After all, the places they ...

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