Tips to Prevent Ant Invasion

iStock_000013498235_SmallPresence of ants can be harmless in small doses. In fact, the presence of ants in food says that it is made of naturally occurring sources and not chemicals. However, once it sets up shop and does a full blown colony in a space, then it becomes a very itchy problem for any person.

To avoid an ant infested place for work or play and relaxation, here are some important information to ...

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Turn Your Garden into a House Pest Defense System

Macro shot of wild camomiles over whiteA few years ago, a game called Plants versus Zombies made waves among computer owners all over the world.  The game is about protecting your home from hordes of zombies by planting plants, which have various weapons against the undead. What most people did not know is that plants can actually be used as defense against hordes of creatures, which are second only to zombies ...

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When to Call a Pest Control Company

Making a phone callAccording to the 2011 NPMA’s 2011 Bed Bugs in America Survey: one out of 5 Americans has experienced bed bugs problems in their homes or knows someone who does. Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that can cause you sleepless nights because of their itchy bites.  However, bed bugs are only one of the hundreds of pests that can invade your home and some pests carry not one, ...

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Five Reasons Why a Pest Infested Home Is a Serious Threat to Your Health

iStock_000040268516_SmallThe home is the soul’s haven as they say, but not when it’s infested with pests. From a place to rest, it literally becomes a place that can shorten one’s life in no time with the deadly microbes that these pests bring in. These pests can wreak havoc inside, one virus at a time. Nothing makes a family spend more on hospital bills than being exposed to them.

To know more about ...

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Let it Bloom: A Refresher on Garden Pests

iStock_000037555570_SmallA healthy garden is a sign of true green thumb homeowner. Aside from providing fresh air every day, a fantastic garden is also a source of ample relaxation. It is known that looking at lush greenery can be beneficial to the health and well-being of the residents by bringing down their blood pressures.

However, being exposed to the elements outside, it is the part of the house that’s most susceptible to a ...

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Top 10 Pest Control Practices to Do Daily

sanitary clearing of a sinkPest control should be in every home’s regular itinerary. This is because by the time the experts are brought in, it is either the situation is already grave or worse, it is already impossible to resolve and the only way to salvage the situation is if the homeowners leave the house for a total pest control resolution.

Don’t be one of these people by having a proactive stance ...

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When to Get Professional Pest Control Services

pest controlPest control for the home is as important as daily cleaning. No matter how much vacuuming or dusting is made, pests will always find a way inside as a functioning house is also one that brings out a lot of wastes. Pests know no bounds and for as long as the house provides sustenance, they will stay and proliferate.

Although there are means to handle pests through a do-it-yourself style such ...

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Six Places Inside Your Home Where Pests May Be Hiding

iStock_000041284318_SmallPests in the home propagate because they live where they cannot be exterminated. Usually, these are places that are overlooked and unknown to be a great place for pests to go forth and multiply with the most minimal human intervention possible.

To avoid making your home from being a hotel for a host of pests as guests, it pays to know where they reside to be able to kick them out. Check ...

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