Preparing your Home for Bed Bug Treatment

Discovering that you have a bed bug infestation can be devastating. It is important that you know bedbugs do NOT discriminate. A bed bug infestation is NOT a reflection of you, your personal hygiene, or the cleanliness of your home.

Many bed bug infestations come from traveling and staying in hotels that are infested or having house guests that have been traveling. You are not alone and certainly are not the only one who has encountered the bed bug in some ...

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When Pests Cause Destruction: Three Pest-Caused Epidemics

iStock_000041855648_SmallEveryone knows pests are destructive. Who hasn’t complained about rats tearing into their clothes and who have not heard the news about the diseases brought by mosquitoes? However, there were times in human history when pests upped their level of destructiveness that they have caused too much human suffering and innumerable number of deaths. Here are some of the most horrific pandemics and epidemics spread by pests.

The Black Death in Europe ...

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Four Common Houseplant Pests

Cozy corner at homeYou may be thinking that because your plants are inside your house, it is already safe from these nefarious creatures called pests. However, house plants have their own share of suffering as their contemporaries in the garden.

Who are these houseplant pests?

Clemson University Home and Garden Information Center says several pests feed on houseplants and they usually enter the home through newly purchased plants or through plants that ...

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Four Safe Ways to Keep the House Pest-Free

office binder house family thunderstorm safetyHaving a house that’s free from pests is a surefire way to keep its residents healthy and free from deadly diseases. Pests are the internal burglars of the home, stealing the quality of life and the value of the home with their presence.

Go the Natural Way

Although spraying the whole house and dousing every corner of the house with chemicals sounds about right in keeping pesky crawlers ...

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3 Must-Have Household Electronics to Fight Pest Infestation

Killer mosquitoes isolate on the whiteWhile pest control companies are always there to help you fight any pest infestation on your home, it is still important that you also do your part in fortifying your home against pests such as rats, roaches, ants and mosquitoes.  Most people would resort to buying insecticide sprays to protect their homes. But insecticide sprays can be harmful to humans, especially if not used appropriately.

Electronics for ...

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Four Beneficial Bugs in Your Garden

Ladybug on the whiteThere is a battle going on in your garden, a battle you may not see but has been raging on for an indefinite amount of time. On one side are the gardens pests that are bent on destroying your plants and on the other side are beneficial insects that control and fight the pests.

Who are These Beneficial Insects?

Beneficial insects are very important for the health of your garden. ...

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Three Poisonous Spiders to Watch Out For

iStock_000000593205_SmallIt turns out Arachnophobes are not entirely wrong with their morbid fear of spiders, because some species of this eight-legged, eight eyed- group of animals are really dangerously deadly.  Many species of spiders use venom as a way to kill their prey and defend themselves. Unfortunately, when venomous spiders decide to make a home in your house, you might be at risk for getting a lethal dose of their venom.

Poisonous Spiders

Not ...

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Three Methods to Eradicate Ants at Home

iStock_000013856896_SmallAnts are often used in literature as an example of diligence and hard work.  The truth is these small insects really are extremely hardworking and that’s something humans can emulate. However, what you may not appreciate is when they begin to invade your home, take your food, and bite your feet. Ants can be menacing as they can spoil your food, damage your property, and even cause allergies with their bite.

Getting ...

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Four Areas Where Cockroaches Live and Multiply

cockroach delete ideaThere is a popular theory that cockroaches can and will outlive humans in the moment of catastrophe. Due to their powers of longevity, it is believed that they can survive even the most lethal of bombings. But life as we speak need not be as appalling and hopefully, bombs won’t be needed just to eradicate these pesky crawlers. Simply put, homeowners should not put up with cockroaches.

But first, people ...

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