Three Pests That Can be Found on Pets

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iStock_000034391460_SmallAs a responsible pet owner, you try your best to make your pets happy and comfortable. You would never allow anyone or anything to harm your beloved animal companion. But unbeknownst to you, your pets may already be under constant attack, not by big monsters, but by tiny critters hiding under their fur.

Getting Rid of Pests that Bother Pets

Pests that live off your pets’ blood cause your pets to feel itchy and uncomfortable. Here are the pests that can be bothersome for your pets and some ways to eradicate them.

  1. Ticks

One look at a tick attached to your pets is enough to let you know that it’s no good. It has a small head in front of a disproportionately big body, which makes it icky to look at. But what is more disgusting than its looks is how it feeds. It burrows its head on your pet’s skin to suck blood.  As the tick sucks more blood, its body expands like a water balloon ready to burst. Don’t believe for a minute that it’s going to let go after having its full because it isn’t. Ticks are also carriers of diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Lyme Disease according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Physically inspecting your pets is the best way to determine tick infestation. They can usually be found on the ears, the mouth and any part of your pet’s body with soft skin.  To remove a tick, use a pair of forceps to drag it out straight away, making sure that the head is not left inside the skin.

  1. Fleas

Fleas are smaller than ticks, but that doesn’t mean they are less dangerous. Fleas have always been the bane of pets because they cause your pets to itch, which in turn, keeps them from sleeping peacefully. Like ticks, fleas are on your pets to suck their blood, but unlike ticks, fleas choose to hide under the fur where it will be very difficult to find them.  Fleas cause dogs and other pets skin problems. Flea infestation is one of the reasons why many dogs are losing their fur and their skins are infected.  When your pets keep on scratching their belly and their ears, this is probably because they feel the itchy bite of fleas.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are undeniably one of the most annoying creatures in the planet. They suck blood and cause the skin to swell and itch. Your pet will have a hard time driving them away because they don’t have hands like ours.  So if mosquitoes can’t bite you, they will settle for your pets. Mosquitoes can infect dogs with heartworm, which is deadly. Making sure that mosquitoes are not around is the only solution to keep your pets and you safe. To keep mosquitoes away, destroy their breeding grounds—areas where stagnant water is present.


Pest Control for Pets

Don’t let your pets suffer because of pests. Keep your pets clean and physically inspect them for fleas and ticks. Remember, your pets can’t talk so you need to observe their behavior and mood. For other pest problems at home, consult a trusted pest control company. Springfield Missouri and surrounding area residents may call 417-880-2687.

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