Four Safe Ways to Keep the House Pest-Free

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office binder house family thunderstorm safetyHaving a house that’s free from pests is a surefire way to keep its residents healthy and free from deadly diseases. Pests are the internal burglars of the home, stealing the quality of life and the value of the home with their presence.

Go the Natural Way

Although spraying the whole house and dousing every corner of the house with chemicals sounds about right in keeping pesky crawlers away, it can also be at the detriment of the long term well-being of the people in house. Continued exposure to chemicals can cause asthma, allergies of the skin, dry throat, respiratory problems, and in some cases, poisoning according to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. These bad effects are simply not worth it.

Good thing, natural means to keep a house pest-free are available. Read up to know more:

  1. Keep the house clean.

A dirty home is the perfect place for pests. Cockroaches thrive on bits of food on the floor and water left stagnating everywhere. Flies as well can multiply better in a filthy house. To prevent this from happening, be committed to cleanliness. Wash the dishes, making sure they do not have any trace of oil or sauce, and keep the sink clean and dry. After bathing, dry the bathroom to avoid mildew and mold build up.

In the kitchen, keep the trash can closed and seal the plastic for disposal before leaving it out of the house. Clean after your pets and keep them well-groomed to prevent fleas. Also, make it a point to vacuum the house and carpets to get rid of bugs. Mopping the floors of the house with a bit of tea tree oil naturally disinfects it as well as kills several types of microbes and viruses.

Cleaning is easy for as long as it is done regularly. Procrastinating only leads to cutting corners, usually with a pest in tow.

  1. Check the house for cracks.

Cracks in the walls and floors are a sure sign of pest presence. Doing a once over every now and then and sealing everything prevents them from thriving any further. Install screens over vents as these can be home to mice and other pests.

If possible, keep cupboards open and well lit. This prevents cockroaches from setting foot on your fine china and other dining implements. Furthermore, make sure that it is spaced properly and everything is seen. This way, cracks can be obvious and attended to immediately. All it takes for pests is a sliver of space on a wall to multiply.

  1. Have natural items ready as deterrents.

Placing natural items around the house to prevent pests is important. These may include garlic cloves, lemon peelings, and bay leaves. Furthermore, planting fleabane in the garden or in a pot and place inside the house is an effective way to get rid of flies. Using citronella oil, wipe down walls and windows to keep mosquitoes away. The citronella scent acts as a natural air freshener as well.

  1. Consult a pest control company.

Getting help from a pest control company is one of the safest ways that you can do to prevent pests from invading your home. With the right tools and skills, they can eradicate pests without doing damage to your home or your health. They can implement pest control measures safely.

Keeping Your Home Pest-free Safely

Making your house pest-free in a safe way is possible with natural pest control methods and enlisting the help of professional exterminators. Springfield Missouri and surrounding residents may contact Antman 417-880-2687, a pest control company that has been in operation for over 20 years.

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