Three Methods to Eradicate Ants at Home

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iStock_000013856896_SmallAnts are often used in literature as an example of diligence and hard work.  The truth is these small insects really are extremely hardworking and that’s something humans can emulate. However, what you may not appreciate is when they begin to invade your home, take your food, and bite your feet. Ants can be menacing as they can spoil your food, damage your property, and even cause allergies with their bite.

Getting Rid of Ants at Home

Ants don’t belong in your home, and if they insist on coming in uninvited, it may be time for you to take action. Be prepared to be bitten by ants though because when you fight these little creatures, they will fight back. If you want to avoid the inconvenience then you can hire a pest control company to take care of the problem instead.

Believe it or not, ants are very difficult to eradicate from your home. For the few hundreds that you manage to kill, there are thousands more in their colony preparing to invade.  This is why killing them as they come to your home will not work. You have to bring the fight to their home. Ant nests are usually found in damp areas, according to an article published on The Family Handyman. The most important step to stop an ant problem is by tracing where their colony is because once you find it, it will be easier for you to follow these tips:

  1. The hot treatment method.

This is a very safe way to destroy an ant colony and solve your ant problem finally.  First, trace where the ants are coming from by following their line, which always leads to their colony. Then, get a bucket of hot water. Dig a little of their entrance so that the hot water will not spread so much and will surely get to the queen.  Now dump the hot water into the colony make sure a lot of the water really gets into the colony. This will kill many of the ants because of the heat, and then suffocate the survivors.

  1. The sour treatment method.

If boiling that much water seems like a cumbersome task, the sour treatment method is another option you can try.  Get a bucket of water and a small bottle of vinegar.  Pour the vinegar on the water and pour the mixture into the ant nest.  Vinegar will wreak havoc on the ants’ exoskeleton and ultimately kill them. The acidic smell of vinegar is also a deterrent to them so if there are still survivors, this will make them go away.

  1. The poison method.

If you don’t like wasting water to eradicate ants, here is another solution for you—boric acid.  Buy some boric acid and mix some of it with sugar and water. Get some cotton, soak it in the mixture, and place it near the entrance of the colony.  The ants will detect the sugar and drink it,  then they will  take it back to the colony to be shared with the rest of the ants and they will slowly die. Boric acid is a slow-acting poison, so the ants will even have ample time to take their poisonous load and give it to the queen.  When the queen dies, the colony goes with it.

Why You Shouldn’t Twice Twice About Killing Ants

Some people may think these methods are harsh. However, ant infestation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Carpenter ants in particular, can damage the structure of your home.  When push comes to shove, you have to make sure the ants that lose. Call a reliable pest control company who are equipped and highly experienced in dealing with ants. Property owners in Springfield, Missouri, may call Antman, a team of trusted exterminators in the area.

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