Four Beneficial Bugs in Your Garden

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Ladybug on the whiteThere is a battle going on in your garden, a battle you may not see but has been raging on for an indefinite amount of time. On one side are the gardens pests that are bent on destroying your plants and on the other side are beneficial insects that control and fight the pests.

Who are These Beneficial Insects?

Beneficial insects are very important for the health of your garden. Without them, your plants and flowers are not going to last long, so before you call a pest control company to kill insects in your garden, it would be helpful to know who these garden guardians are.

  1. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are beautiful creatures, but that’s not the only thing you should appreciate about them. Lady bugs are also one of your garden’s most prolific guardians.  They wreak havoc against aphids, the most common plant pests around. An article published on You Grow Girl says a lady bug may eat as much as 5,000 aphids in a lifetime. Only their appetite for scale insects and mites dwarfs their appetite for aphids.

Another great thing about ladybugs is that you don’t have to wait for them to go to adult size to become beneficial. The young lady bugs, which look different from their parents, have more voracious appetites and they just can’t stop munching mealy bugs, aphids, mites, whiteflies, scale insects, thrips, and other insects’ eggs. Lady bugs are well known for reducing infestation of many garden pests.

  1. Ground beetle

Beetles are known for their enormous strength and almost indestructible body shields. These ground garden warriors are predators and are considered as the scourge of caterpillars, root maggots, cutworms, snails, slugs, and mites. As you can see, they eat the enemies of your garden, making them one you’re your garden heroes.  They are usually found under logs.

  1. Dragon flies

They may not breathe fire like the gigantic dragons, but dragon flies are no pushovers, too.  These beautiful creatures may look gentle and docile to us humans but against mosquitoes, they are the absolute scourge. Not only do they eat adult mosquitoes, but the young ones, too. Mosquitoes are not the only menu for dragon flies, they also eat small moths and other insects.

  1. Parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps sound scary, but they are actually a friend to your garden. These wasps are small and lay their eggs in other insect’s bodies and eggs. Once the eggs of the parasitic wasp hatch, the young parasitic wasp eats its host from the inside out, killing its host just after it leaves. Parasitic wasps can wipe out your garden enemies.

Do not be afraid of parasitic wasps, because they don’t sting and they are so tiny you will not even consider them as wasps. Unlike their bigger counterparts, parasitic wasps are your friends and pose no danger to you. They do pose danger to eggs of cutworms, cabbage loopers, tomato hornworm, scale, mealy bugs, aphids, gypsy moth, spruce budworm and alfalfa caterpillars.

Refrain from Using Pesticides

With all these amazing warriors guarding your garden, you should not worry so much about garden pests and refrain from using pesticides. Pesticides kill not only the enemy of your garden, but also the friendly creatures living in it.  The best way to handle pests that harm your garden is to call a pest control company like Antman who can carry out the proper ways of eradicating harmful pests with harming those that bring benefits to your garden.

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