3 Must-Have Household Electronics to Fight Pest Infestation

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Killer mosquitoes isolate on the whiteWhile pest control companies are always there to help you fight any pest infestation on your home, it is still important that you also do your part in fortifying your home against pests such as rats, roaches, ants and mosquitoes.  Most people would resort to buying insecticide sprays to protect their homes. But insecticide sprays can be harmful to humans, especially if not used appropriately.

Electronics for Pest Control

Fortunately, there are many electronic devices now that can drive away pests without the use of dangerous chemicals.  Here are some of the electronic devices you must have.

  1. Vacuum cleaners

You should have a separate vacuum cleaner especially for use against pests.  You may think vacuum cleaners are only used for cleaning rugs and carpets, but the truth is, these ingenious devices are also useful against small pests. The best vacuum cleaners to use against pests are those with water filtration system because these do not only absorb, them but also drown them.  What is so good about this idea is that you can actually suck insects without getting them near you.  If your home is infested with bed bugs, the vacuum cleaner can also be used to suck them out from your sheets for a more peaceful sleep.

  1. Bug zappers

Many of the most annoying bugs come out at night and they are always attracted to light, which means they will try to get into your home if you leave some of your lights on. Fortunately, bug zappers solve that problem. This practical device is nothing short of genius. It uses blue light bulb, bugs find irresistible and surround the bulb with electric mesh. Any bug that happens to touch the mesh as they are irresistibly drawn to the blue light will be electrocuted. Don’t let other people tell you bug zappers don’t work, because they are just trying to sound smart. Bug zappers are very effective in keeping mosquitoes away from you at night.

  1. Electric fly swatter

It may be made for flies but the electric fly swatter works for most insects including mosquitoes and moths.  Unlike the bug zapper that attracts insects, the electric fly swatter puts the power on the palm of your hand. They can be likened to a tennis racket in form but instead of nylon, the mesh is made of electric-filled metal that zaps any insect that touches it.  Electric fly swatters are also good for use during camping and outdoor activities. Most of these devices are battery operated and many are rechargeable, which means that you can take them anywhere you want.  It’s like having your own weapon against insects.

Choosing Safer Ways to Kill Pests

Electronic bug killing devices are effective ways to kill insect pests without using dangerous chemicals. There are many more electronic pest control devices than are written in this article, but many of them have not been proven to be effective yet. The devices introduced in this article are those which have already been tried and tested for years. For safer pest control elimination methods, contact a pest control company near you. If you are in Springfield Missouri,the company to call is Antman 417-880-2687.

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