Tips to Prevent Ant Invasion

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iStock_000013498235_SmallPresence of ants can be harmless in small doses. In fact, the presence of ants in food says that it is made of naturally occurring sources and not chemicals. However, once it sets up shop and does a full blown colony in a space, then it becomes a very itchy problem for any person.

To avoid an ant infested place for work or play and relaxation, here are some important information to keep in mind and steps to avoid it from happening:

  1. Exposed food is fair game for ants.

Keeping food in the open is an open invitation for ants. Always keep food, no matter the taste, in air- tight containers or in the fridge. This avoids food spoilage and helps keep the food clean. Ants walk everywhere and can bring a lot of germs in their small feet onto that plate. Air tight containers also cancel out the smell of the food, something that ants rely on when scouting for food.One technique is placing the bowl or container on top of a plate with water. Ants can’t swim and this prevents them from reaching the food. It does not involve any chemical and keeps food safe on the table for consumption.


  1. Changing seasons brings in the ants


Having the house checked in between seasons to avoid any presence of a colony is a good prevention from having them all over the house later on. Cracks on the walls may not actually be cracks but ant trails.


Professionals can provide good advice as to what to do. Their intervention also helps in avoiding instances of having to do a major renovation just to eradicate ant colonies in the home.


  1. Use the power of scent


Ants rely on their sense of smell for the most part as mentioned. Placing a different smell, like maybe a bit of petroleum jelly on the wall, disrupts their coordination and helps divert the ants. Spraying perfume on the trail also stunts them effectively.


  1. Use a decoy


One solution to removing colonies is by tricking ants with laced food. Spray a bit of pesticide on a food item and leave to ants for access. As they cut through the food and bring them back to the colony for feeding, the pesticide spreads and the ants are killed in the process.


Words of caution though, ensure that each person in the house knows that this is a trap to avoid undue poisoning especially of little kids who are crawling already. As for pets, place the decoy food where it will not be accessible to them as well.


  1. Avoid eating in different parts of the house aside from the dining table


Eating in several places in the house especially the bedroom spreads crumbs and spills that attract ants. To avoid this, having a designated dining area is best and helps keep the scent centralized. Also, the dining table must be wiped clean of food debris by using a wet cloth and all trash bins with food trash must be sealed properly.


If you have followed the tips above and you feel that the ants are still uncontrollable in your home, it is best to call a pest control company who can get rid of the ants and the root cause of the problem. They will be able to tell you where the ants are coming from and perform safe and effective ways to get rid of them right away.

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