No to Stuart Little: Avoiding a Rat Infestation in the House

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HiResAs furry as they may be, there is absolutely nothing happy or cute about living with rats. They are pests of the most intense kind as they can destroy every kind of item in its path with its claws and sharp teeth. Having rats in the house is basically living with a deadly creature, which brings in a lot of diseases and grief to any family. All kinds of deadly illnesses can be traced back successfully to their droppings, saliva, scratches, and bites.

For homes with babies, their presence is all the more dangerous as a mere drop of their virus can cause instant death. Rats can also bite. As for those located in areas that are prone to floods, their pee can seep in open wounds and crevices in the skin and result to poisoning by leptospirosis.

In general, rats are bad news and here are some basic ways to avoid it:

  1. Repair holes in the walls

Those holes are not to be trifled with as they are potential homes already to a host of rats. But instead of sealing it off the bat, having a professional exterminator to check on the hole is more beneficial. It is possible that aside from rats, termites are already present in the area. Also, dealing with rats can result to being bitten in the process. Exterminators are much better equipped to deal with the problem directly in this case.

If there is a need to always have sticky paper on the floor, it can also be a sign of a bigger problem. Sprays are always futile and can only prolong the problem. Hiring an exterminator just doesn’t solve the problem once and for all, but also prevents it from happening in the future.

  1. Keep food sealed

Rats are present where they can actually live and thrive. Leaving food in the open makes the home more susceptible to rats as they are lured by the smell of sustenance. Keeping food properly sealed is a great way to prevent them from coming. But more than sealing them inside plastic bags (rats can bite their way through it, by the way), placing them in glass containers or just thick plastic trays, which are airtight is a much better way to go. Items such as a bag of chips or unfinished serving of cookies are best kept inside the fridge.

But this also goes as well for food that’s being disposed of. Keep rats away by sealing garbage bins that are left out of the house overnight. A garbage bin with a wide base can help prevent animals from topping the contents over.

  1. Maintain a clean house

In general, rats love dirt. There is more chance for them to set up house, hide, and multiply. Keep them from doing so by doing the most basic thing: keep the house clean!

Dirty clothes should be left in a hamper and wash them on a weekly basis. Keep dishes clean and orderly as the sink is also a favorite place of rats. Biodegradable items must be disposed properly such as banana peels.

Avoid being the proverbial house made of cheese for rats by keeping the house orderly and free of trash.

  1. Rat Traps

Use rat traps in areas near garbage or the kitchen if you sense that rats are in your home. The most prudent thing to do is to call a reliable pest control company to help you get rid of them right away.

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