When to Call a Pest Control Company

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Making a phone callAccording to the 2011 NPMA’s 2011 Bed Bugs in America Survey: one out of 5 Americans has experienced bed bugs problems in their homes or knows someone who does. Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that can cause you sleepless nights because of their itchy bites.  However, bed bugs are only one of the hundreds of pests that can invade your home and some pests carry not one, but up to 50 diseases on their tiny little bodies while other pests secretly deteriorate your house.

Pest infestations do not have to get to the point that you have to evacuate your home or someone get brought to the emergency room because of diseases, all you need is to act fast by hiring a pest control company.

Immediate action required

Getting help from an exterminator immediately puts an early stop to pest infestations. Unfortunately, there are times when our human pride gets the better of us.  Many people try to control pest infestations themselves using the limited knowledge they have with disastrous results.

Never underestimate house pests. They may be small, tiny and easy to squish, but they breed faster than the fastest hands can squish them.  Fully solving an infestation requires the expertise of exterminators and pest control companies. So when you suspect that an army of house pests has invaded your home, always call an exterminator immediately because every second counts.

Signs of infestation

Most pest infestations are not easy to detect at the outset.  Many people only discover their homes have some unwelcome visitors when they see the annoying bugs scuttering on the floor. Unfortunately for the hapless homeowner, the infestation has  started way before and the reason he sees the bug is that there are already too many of them that they are now fighting for space. So here are some scenarios when you need to call an exterminator:

  1. You see more than five cockroaches in your home.
  2. Rustling noises from some dark areas of the home like inside the cabinets.
  3. Your cereal boxes are disarranged in the morning with some parts of the cardboard missing. (rats)
  4. You hear loud buzzing sounds (could be a yellow jacket or mosquito infestation).
  5. You see some wood furniture have scratches or holes on them.
  6. You experience itch when you sleep (bed bugs).
  7. The trash in your trash bin is toppled.

These are few of the signs of infestation. When you see a cockroach or ants inside your home, always make sure to call an exterminator because if it gets to the point that you can see them, remember that it may already be too big for you to handle.

No one likes to live with pests, but the reality is, there might be an infestation going on inside your home without your knowledge. It is a good idea to have a pest control company check your house for pest infestation even if you don’t see any bugs yet because they may just be hiding for now while they build up their numbers. So when do you need to call an exterminator? Today!

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