Top 10 Pest Control Practices to Do Daily

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sanitary clearing of a sinkPest control should be in every home’s regular itinerary. This is because by the time the experts are brought in, it is either the situation is already grave or worse, it is already impossible to resolve and the only way to salvage the situation is if the homeowners leave the house for a total pest control resolution.

Don’t be one of these people by having a proactive stance when it comes to pest control. Unknown to many, daily simple tasks can help in keeping pests at bay. Read on to know more:

  1. It’s not all about chemicals: have a bottle of soapy water at hand.

Experiencing a few cockroaches and ant trails around the house? Relax on the chemicals that can be inhaled as these can pose lung problems for everyone in the home. A quick fix is a bottle of soapy water, which can be directly sprayed on these pests to instantly kill them.

  1. Keep a clean sink.

No matter what happens, keep the sink clean from dirty dishes, glasses, spoons and forks. A dirty sink is the best way to invite cockroaches in. Aside from that, dispose of uneaten food as well by keeping it in a properly sealed bag. For leftovers, don’t leave them in plastic bags. Transfer in airtight but see-through containers.

  1. Follow first in, first out rule.

The practice of FIFO is followed by restaurants and hotels and is something that most homes can benefit from greatly. Hoarding only leads to so much clutter and is the main reason why pests propagate.

Dispose of uneaten food to avoid molds and dangerous insects. Get rid of stacks of newspapers and other materials that contribute to clutter. Make recycling part of the family culture.

  1. Get rid of stagnant water.

If the house is being besieged by mosquitoes, it is time to check for stagnant water. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water that collect in unused basins, flower vases, or old tires. After episodes of flood, it is best to drain leftover water quickly that may cause leptospirosis from rodent infested water that may be accidentally ingested.

  1. Clean the bathroom thoroughly.

Leaving bleach on for a few minutes in the nooks and crannies of the bathroom, plus doing a quick brushing helps loosen and avoid mildew and molds. Bath lilies and brushes are also home to a host of bacteria, which can benefit from weekly sun treatments.

  1. Vacuum every day!

Carpets, stuffed toys, and even mattresses can benefit from a quick run through from a heavy duty vacuum to get rid of fleas and bugs.

  1. Limit the use of humidifier.

According to, the humidifier provides the temperature that helps dust mites thrive and multiply.

  1. Leave cat litter in small doses around the house.

The smell that emanates from cat litter is great to keep pests away. In small doses, it is good to have in several corners of the house. Just make sure that these will not be ingested by small kids or pets.

  1. Clean the computer.

With a high touch factor due to daily use, it can be a host to several dust mites and microbes. Wipe it down with a small dosage of disinfectant. Make sure that small food particles are not lodged in between the keys.

  1. Open layouts are best.

What cannot be seen cannot be cleaned. Open up! Cabinets and drawers are kept much more organized if they are open and visible.

When it comes to keeping pests at bay, daily practice makes all the difference. Top daily practices help in avoiding pests and controlling their presence in any home. It can be as simple as spraying soapy water to cleaning the computer to having an open layout for the home.

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