Six Places Inside Your Home Where Pests May Be Hiding

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iStock_000041284318_SmallPests in the home propagate because they live where they cannot be exterminated. Usually, these are places that are overlooked and unknown to be a great place for pests to go forth and multiply with the most minimal human intervention possible.

To avoid making your home from being a hotel for a host of pests as guests, it pays to know where they reside to be able to kick them out. Check out these areas:

  1. The pet food containers

Usually left outside, the food containers of pets, especially the water vessel are just as stagnant as floodwater. These are the best places for mosquitoes to lay eggs that may cause Typhoid fever and even the deadly dengue.

Avoid this by bringing the food containers inside or using a water spout instead for pets. This also cares for their well-being as the spout keeps the water clean and sanitary. Pets are also better off living inside the home instead of outside. Their fur is also protected from ticks that may inhabit it and bring inside. For better prevention, routine checkups with the vet and use of the proper shampoo to clean the pets with are advisable.

  1. Clutter

The US Environmental Protection Agency lists clutter as the number one inhabitants of pests. These include stacks of newspapers, magazines, and books. Aside from being dust bunnies, these are also preferred by spiders and termites.

It is best to constantly de-clutter the home by doing garage sales and selling stacks to junk shops. Aside from avoiding pests, it can also be a source of extra money. Create more space as well by modifying other parts of the house such as closets and drawers. Pests thrive in unopened and dark areas, so shining light on more spaces is much better in preventing them.

  1. Garbage

Unsealed garbage cans are a playground for rodents and other host of four-legged pests. Sealing garbage cans as well as practicing proper segregation keep the rats away from the cans and your house.

  1. The fridge

Stocking up on food? Make sure that the leftovers are properly disposed of if not eaten. Leaving them inside for long periods of time also makes it home to molds. When this happens, a special process of disposal is needed to avoid the molds from affecting the whole home.

  1. Carpeting

Wall to wall carpets are great to look at but are also susceptible to different kinds of pests such as bed bugs. To eradicate, a routine steaming treatment is needed to kill them. This may be expensive but doing so avoids it from getting into the drapes, couches, and wooden furniture and of course, the beds.

  1. Packages and boxes for delivery

Aside from valuables, door to door or transatlantic deliveries also ship different pests. Before bringing them in, check them for any signs of bugs. Better yet, open them outside and discard the packaging immediately.

Living conditions inside your homecan be very attractive to pests.Remember to always prevent water from accumulating through pet containers and to get rid of so much clutter whether it’s stacks of magazines and books in storage rooms or unconsumed food inside the fridge. For better assessment, hire Antman 417-880-2687 to exterminate your home  of pest infestation.

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