Five Reasons Why a Pest Infested Home Is a Serious Threat to Your Health

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iStock_000040268516_SmallThe home is the soul’s haven as they say, but not when it’s infested with pests. From a place to rest, it literally becomes a place that can shorten one’s life in no time with the deadly microbes that these pests bring in. These pests can wreak havoc inside, one virus at a time. Nothing makes a family spend more on hospital bills than being exposed to them.

To know more about why it helps to keep a clean and pest-free home, read up on the list of sicknesses that come with living with these pesky ones:

  1. Food poisoning

The presence of cockroaches is not normal, as most people believe. They bring a host of problems to the homeowners as these crawl in both the dirtiest and the cleanest places of the house. These little critters and can be mixed in the food of the family and cause poisoning because of its dirty feet, spout, waste, and body. If the home has a water dispenser for example, it can wedge itself up in the dispenser and lay eggs that can be ingested. Some roaches also can swim and if not seen, can stay alive inside for long periods of time.

Rodents as well can cause deadly food poisoning by biting on fruits or leftover food left on the table and leave their dirty saliva. Aside from that, rodents’ leavings are just as dangerous with their urine carrying leptospirosis, which can enter the bloodstream of the person through open wounds and even the person’s pores.

  1. Mosquito related sicknesses

If stagnant water is left lying around the house, usually in the garden area, mosquitoes can multiply. The water is best breeding ground for their eggs. Among all, dengue and malaria are the most dangerous kinds of diseases that these mosquitoes carry. Dengue starts with fever and can lead to internal bleeding if not immediately diagnosed.

  1. Allergies

Bites from dust mites, bed bugs, and other insects can be detrimental to the skin health of kids and adults. It may get bigger and carry poisonous materials with which the human skin can react to adversely. These may also trigger asthma attacks. In severe cases, it can cause the immune system of the person to shut down totally leading to death.

  1. Venomous bites

Gardens are not just about insects, but also snakes. If not kept properly or checked regularly, snakes can live in the bushes and unkempt plants and attack pets or little kids upon contact. Usually with the same color as the surroundings, snakes are not easily seen. However, their bites are fatal from the get go.

  1. Pesticides

Another pest inside the home aside from those that crawl and fly are the ones that humans use and spray directly on the air they breathe in – pesticides. That is why if possible, the use of natural means to eradicate pests is more advisable. Contacting pest control companies is always your best option when it comes to getting rid of pests because they always employ safe methods that don’t harm the family. They can also give you appropriate advice on how to prevent pest infestation.

Pests and humans don’t mix. This is why it is important to know of deadly diseases, which can be instantly avoided if pests are not present in the home. The use of natural means to dispose of them and contacting a pest control company make a big difference in the overall well-being of the people inside the house.

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