Bed Bugs 101: How to Get Rid of These Pesky Crawlers Once and For All

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iStock_000015988333_SmallIt all starts with an itch. One day, a homeowner wakes up to find a bite or two on their leg or their back. Then, the bedlam starts as the inevitable dawns: their home is infested with bed bugs.

These harmful, if not annoying pests, are dark brown or reddish in color and usually manifest themselves in the same shades on bed covers and even on wood. They bite as they are parasitic in nature and loves human blood above all. They also bite other species such as birds. Living in the dirty parts of the home, their bite is not just painful, but can also be a threat to health as these carry several germs and bacteria that they have picked up.

Being night crawlers, it may take days for the homeowner to know that they are present. But once they have taken up shop in a home, it only takes a matter of days, if not hours, for them to instantly multiply as the lady bed bugs pumps out eggs in the hundreds.

The common mistake when it comes to bed bugs is in its misleading name. It is not just found in the bed per se but also on drawers, wall cracks, or any dark and unsealed place in the home. It is advisable for homeowners to be on the lookout no matter what.

But the bugs are already present, what now? Here are some quick steps to get rid of them forever:

1. Worst case scenario calls for the professionals

For owners of buildings or leased apartments, the presence of bed bugs is a quick ticket for business licenses to be revoked. In this regard, bringing in the big guns of pest control is needed pronto. The professionals employ what is called the IPM or Integrated Pest Management wherein a combination of both natural and chemical-assisted methods are employed to deal with the bugs. They also do preventive work such as sealing cracks that may be the reason for the infestation.

  1. Kill them with coldness

For those who prefer the natural route especially with little children living in the house, the cryonite treatment is advisable. It is a type of carbon dioxide that literally freezes the bed bugs. A thorough vacuuming is needed to be done afterwards.

  1. Steam it up 

A treatment usually done in hotels can also be done at home: the steam treatment. This is blasting very hot steam continuously on big items such as mattresses, carpets, and curtains.

  1. Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and sun drying

Sometimes, prevention is all it takes and the secret is found right at your laundry room – the washing machine. By washing using hot water of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit, says it’s enough to kill the bugs on a per wash basis and following it up with a dryer set on high heat for ten to 20 minutes does the trick.

For items that cannot be washed, the sun and the vacuum cleaner is the troubled homeowners’ friend. Simply run the vacuum thoroughly on the item, seal it well without air, and then leave it under the sun for at least a day to reap maximum benefits.

When it comes to bed bugs and their extermination, both extreme cold and extreme heat works best.

Kill bed bugs for good by being prudent homeowners. Always check the house from beds to drawers for their presence. Employ natural and chemical-aided ways to eradicate them as soon as possible before the spread of the infestation and in bigger scale situations, remember to seek professional pest control services. When it comes to bed bugs, the faster it is taken care of, the better.

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