All Things Pest Control: Why Professionals are Better Than DIY

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When it comes to pest control, let’s admit it: we think we’re the experts. People usually work on what their great grandmothers tell them and hope it works. Unfortunately, it does not and all those months of delaying the intervention of professionals have left many homes infested with more pests that they can control.

So before you leave a piece of cheese on top of a mouse trap at the corner of your house or worse, light up several citronella candles overnight in the hopes of killing dengue-causing mosquitoes (fire alert!), read up on the reasons why doing it yourself all the time just won’t cut it:

1. There are many types of cockroaches, among other pests

To the common man, a roach is a roach and a fly is a fly. But to professionals, there are many species of pests, and each pest reacts to different pest control practices to fully eradicate them. As much as it is easier to spray the whole house and get yourself dizzy in the process with over the counter sprays, professionals can prescribe the proper corrective action to eventually stop the cause as they know exactly what they are dealing with.

Take flies for example. Some of its type only comes out in the morning and yet you self-fumigate in the evening. It only wastes your time and resources.

2. Chemicals are bad for you

Granted you may have a pest free house from all those sprays, however, how is the state of your lungs? These aerosol chemicals may be able to provide quick relief from pests, but constant exposure may be doing you more harm than you realize.

Pest control experts have the proper gear to get the job done without harming themselves and your family. Plus, who really wants to suffer through watery eyes each and overpowering fumes every time?

3. Consistent approach to pest control

Experts are able to diagnose the problem and keep it from recurring which in the long run, which helps you save you more money. They also can provide a good schedule that helps in keeping the pesky pests out of the home for good.

They have highly specialized concoctions that can be left in the house, depending on your needs. For example, they can provide gel emulsions that keep the house and office free from crawlers and flyers forever.

4. Professionals are armed with research

People don’t get to become professionals without the proper training and research pertinent to their fields, pest control experts included. Given the nature of their work, they are able to be ahead of everyone when it comes to latest pests and how to control them.

For more critical areas such as hospitals and restaurants, they can provide the proper insight that can be passed on to the organization and may be the big difference between life and death.

5. Professionals don’t take shortcuts

Instead of spending little amounts of money on a combination of health store materials and chemical laden sprays, invest it instead on a pest control company that will not take shortcuts. Thorough pest control is one way to keep one’s self healthy and completely away from the dangers those pests and their secretions and wastes carry. As a company, they are held liable for their work and have a responsibility to carry out the job.

In the end, the bill will still be cheaper than one coming from a hospital.


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