Managing Spring Insects and Pests

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Insects and pests can be a problem all year round. On the other hand, sometimes some pests are a dilemma during specific times of the year for a short time. Seasonal pests are a common household problem especially the spring insects and pests.

The most common spring insects and pests that you may encounter during the spring season includes the termites, ants, flies, rodents, stinging insects, and cockroaches.

To successfully get rid of these seasonal household insects and pest, you must know the important information on the identification, habitat and ways to terminate them.


One type of termite that causes problems during the spring season is the subterranean termite. They form their elaborate tunnel systems and mud tunnels within mounds of soil and gain access to above-ground food sources.

To make your home a less attractive target to termites, you must eliminate all moisture conditions and termite food sources around your house. Prevention is always better than cure, and a small step done in termite prevention can make a big difference.


Ants could be anywhere in and around your house. They can enter the house through the tiniest cracks in search of food and water. They leave an invisible chemical trail for other ants to follow once they found a source of food.

To prevent the appearance of ants in your house, keep your house clean, especially the kitchen. Ants are attracted by sweet and greasy foods. Avoid accumulation of moisture on countertops and other surfaces. Keep left-over foods inside the fridge or seal it properly in air-tight containers.


Flies are a major spring pest problem. Flies can cause diseases in humans and animals as well. Flies carry pathogens associated with diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, and hepatitis. Flies are attracted to decaying organic matter such as feces and rotting flesh.

You can repel flies through simple preventive measures especially during late spring to early autumn. Keep the flies out of your house by closing your doors and windows. Always keep your kitchen surfaces clean and always take the trash out. Keep garbage cans covered and clean.


Spring is the time of the year when rodents are actively mating. During the rodent mating season, mice and rats may be secretly nesting in your home especially in the basements, walls and insulation. Rodents are known to carry many diseases that could pose a health hazard to humans.

To maintain a rodent-free home, you should implement early prevention methods against rodent infestation. Store all food sources in covered or sealed containers to avoid contamination. Keep away any possible food sources from areas where rodents could be hiding. Never leave any attracting food in sinks and counters.


Stinging insects such as bees and wasps begin to appear onset of warmer seasons. Flowers and vegetation attracts bees and wasps and they are important when it comes to pollination. Although these insects can help the environment in many ways, it is possibly dangerous to let a bee or wasp hive near your home. Bees may sting if provoked, but unlike bees, wasps are often capable of stinging multiple times when threatened.

Proper identification of the insect and the location of its nesting site is the first step in bee or wasp control. If you are I doubt, you may hire an experienced pest control service to help you manage the pest problem.


Cockroaches reproduce quickly and they could be hiding and reproducing behind your walls. They can enter your house in many different ways through cracks, vents, sewer, and drain pipes. Every household is an ideal breeding ground for these creepy crawlers. Any place with food, water, and warmth is a perfect breeding site for cockroaches.

To keep roaches from accumulating in your house, keep food sources such as pet dishes, drains, and trash cans clean. Avoid leaving left-over foods uncovered. Another step is to determine the point of entry of the cockroaches and employ traps or barriers to prevent the roaches from entering.

Recognizing these pest problems can help you prepare for them even before spring comes. Equip yourself with these tips and call a trusted pest control company to make your spring critter and rodent-free accumulation of moisture on countertops and other surfaces.

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