Top Three Most Brutal Venomous House Pests

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Venom—the word itself sounds dangerous enough, but wait until it gets under someone’s skin and the person will know what being in hell probably feels like.  Some animals use venom both for hunting prey and for protection.  Unfortunately, many venomous animals may find their way in people’s home and pose grave threats to families.  While homeowners are advised to call an exterminator to deal with venomous pests, it helps them to know what those pests are.

Black widow spider

Female black widows are dangerously venomous. Anyone can easily identify this shiny black spider because of the hourglass shaped marking on its back.  They are named black widow because the females of the species usually eat their mate after copulation. The venom of this spider is composed of neurotoxins, which affects a person’s nervous system.

Although not known to kill a human, black widow spider bites cause intense muscle pain on the entire body of the bitten person. The intense pain usually disappears in two or three days. The other effects of a bite from the black widow include nausea, perspiration, tremors, breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure and fever.  It is a good idea for homeowners to have an exterminator check their house for signs of these venomous spiders.

Yellow jackets

Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive creatures.  They attack anything, including humans, with the slightest provocation.  These wasps like to make their nest in cavities in house walls putting everyone, especially children at risk.  When a yellow jacket stings a person, it releases lots of venoms under that person’s skin. To make matters worse, unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting unlimited times as long as they are able to.

Although very painful, a single yellow jacket sting is fatal only to people who are allergic to its venom. The pain from the sting usually disappears after two or three days.

Africanized bees

Africanized bees are not native to the United States. They are a result of the cross breeding of African honey bees with different European honeybees.  Because of this, they do not have natural predators, which makes them spread throughout the US unhindered.  Africanized bees got the accolade killer bees because they have been responsible for many human deaths.

The venom of a single killer bee is painful but not enough to kill. The problem is they attack in swarms of hundreds, each single bee contributing its venom to the victim. In the end, the venom the swarm injects on a person is enough to kill a human.   Africanized or killer bees are highly aggressive and they are known to be alarmed even when it’s just a breeze hitting their nest. Anyone who spots Africanized bee nest near their home should call a pest control company to eradicate them.

This is not an exhaustive list of venomous house pests in the US. It just ranks three of the most dangerous species that could invade your home. People should remember that venomous insects are dangerous.  Leave the job of eradicating them to the hands of professional exterminators.

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