Pest Magnets and Solutions to Common Pest Problems

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Homeowners are often not aware when and how pests started invading their homes.  They only notice the problem if the infestation has already gone to the critical level. When it comes to pests, prevention is always better than the cure. By knowing what attracts pests into houses, you will be able to make changes inside your home to prevent them from entering.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants may not bring any diseases, but they are dangerous nonetheless.  They invade the homes and make nests inside water-damaged wood and soft materials within the house.

Property owners must check the wooden materials in their house for water damage because that is where carpenter ants build their nests.  Check soft materials such as foamed insulations because the ants also like nesting on them.  Note, however, that what really attracts these carpenter ants inside the home is food. Homeowners should keep foodstuff from lying around the house. Tidying up right away after eating is a good way to make the home unattractive to carpenter ants.


Nobody likes cockroaches, and rightfully so. Cockroaches are dangerous pests. They bring myriads of deadly diseases on their little bodies.  They also propagate fast and once they settle in a house, it will take a professional exterminator to drive them out.

It’s not difficult to attract cockroaches to a home.  The fact is cockroaches are attracted to many things. Like most pests, they are primarily attracted to food but that’s not all.  Moisture, dark places, strong smell, water and food waste attract cockroaches. Cleaning the house and keeping surfaces dry may not be a hundred percent solution to the cockroach problem, but it helps keep them at bay.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice have been the bane of human existence ever since man learned to store food.  Until now, they still are a big problem.  Not only do they bring diseases, they also ruin clothes and furniture and other things they can gnaw.

Rats and mice are gluttons. They don’t seem to get satisfied. They eat anything their little sharp teeth can sink into. Food is the main reason why rats enter into a house. They specially like foods that provide them with energy such as bread, meat and cereals.  To keep rats away, it is important to place food in containers that keeps smell from coming out because the smell of food is the main attractant to rats and mice.


Termites may well be the most feared of all house pests.  Like many other pests, they come looking for food and shelter, except that for them, food is the wooden part of a home.  Termites are so destructive that when property owners learn of their existence, they should call a pest control company right away.  Termites usually eat the posts that support the entire house. The danger of the house collapsing is very real. It’s highly recommended to have a pest control company check your house for termites at least once a year especially if it is made of wood.

What attracts termites are structural wood, which is in direct contact with the soil, like wooden posts buried directly on the ground without concrete around them.  Termites find these wooden   posts and starts feasting on them, slowly destroying the home structure.  Keeping firewood and lumber against wooden posts or under crawl spaces also attracts termites.  If the person’s home is constructed following the building code, they should be a little safer from termites. But if the house was built otherwise, it is best to contact a pest control company to add protection on the soil to keep them at bay.

Protecting a house from pests should be done even before these pests arrive.  Prevention is indeed better than cure. Prevention is also easier than the cure if the homeowner knows what to do.

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