Pest Control Tips: Six Simple Home Solutions to Ant Problems

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In their proper habitats, ants are very useful to nature because they help in the decomposition process of dead plants and animals. They are hardworking creatures and are very efficient workers. However, when they begin to infest homes, they become a problem and annoyance. They bite family members, steal food, and sometimes they make their homes within electronic appliances, causing the items to malfunction.

Most of the time people call exterminators to drive ants away.  However, you can do a few things on your own to keep ants at bay.

Remove the attractant

Ants are attracted to food specially sweets that are lying around.  By making sure the dining table and countertops are free from food scraps, you can remove the reason why the ants are there in the first place. Another thing homeowners should do is to make sure sugar, cereals, and other sweet foods and grains are kept in tightly sealed containers.

Safe and non-toxic sprays

If there are ants already inside the house, you can prepare a non-toxic spray solution by mixing water with some soap. You can then place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the ants with the solution. It will kill the ants but is safe for humans and pets.

Cucumber peelings or slices

Ants for some reason dislike cucumbers, especially the bitter variety.  Placing cucumber peelings or slices in places where the ants enter the home could deter them from coming inside.  You can also strategically place some cucumber peelings in the kitchen where ants are most likely to go in order to deter them.

Bags of mint tea

Another natural deterrent of ants are dried and crushed mint leaves or cloves. Mint tea bags are convenient because the mint there is already very dry and crushed, and the mint aroma is very strong.  Mint leaves or mint tea bags could be placed in the area where the ants are often found active. Most of the time, this will prevent the ants from entering your home.

Kitchen ingredients to guard their entry points

It is very easy to trace where the ants make their entry into the home. Usually the ant entry point is either the gap in a window or the gap between the door and the floor. Once you find the entry point, you can line it with cayenne pepper, lemon juice, cinnamon or coffee grounds. This will act as a barrier that ants will not try to cross.


When it comes to ant infestation, you can use a little help from a chemical called borax. Borax can be bought in many pest control stores. Mix one teaspoon of Borax to a liter of water and a cup of sugar.  Make sure the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.  Now, here is the trick.  Soak some cotton balls in the mixture and place them on a yogurt container with some holes on the lid so that the ants can enter.  The ants will be attracted to the sugar and enter into the yogurt container. Then, they will take the bait back to their colony and the borax will wipe them all out.

Long-term effective solution

Of course, when the infestation becomes too much to handle, the best solution is always to call a pest control company to help you eradicate ant problems. Professional pest control companies can also give you expert tips on how to prevent them from coming back to your home.

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