Pest Control Pesticides: Should People Be Afraid of Them?

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The word chemical is one of the most misunderstood words anywhere in the planet. It evokes an image of a green toxic sludge that could turn organisms into mutants.  However, what everyone forgets from their high school biology lessons is that everything is made up of chemicals. Water is a chemical, the foods they eat are chemicals, and even the human body is made up of sixty different kinds of chemicals.

Nevertheless, people are so scared of the word that they would rather suffer house pest infestation than have a pest control company spray chemical pesticides in their homes. Should the use of chemical insecticides by exterminators be a cause of concern? Let’s see.

They have been tested for safety by the government

Chemical pesticides and insecticides have to pass rigorous testing by the environmental protection agency (EPA) before they are approved to be mass-produced.  The tests conducted include safety for humans as well as effectiveness in killing the intended pests. The EPA is a well-funded government agency and has all the facilities needed to see if these insecticides are not going to stay in the environment. When an exterminator says he is going to use pesticides to rid a home of pests, the homeowner should make sure that the chemicals used are EPA approved.

Pest control companies know when and how to use them

Before pest control companies could start operating, their technicians have to undergo some exams to know if they are qualified. Exterminators know when a chemical insecticide is needed for a particular home. They also know what chemicals to use, as well as how to use them.   Homeowners just have to listen to their exterminator’s instructions. If he says the family should stay away from the house for a day, then that is because they care for the health of the family. In the hands of experts, pesticides are not dangerous.

Pesticides are very effective in killing pests

Chemical pesticides are not even half as scary as the diseases brought by cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, houseflies and other pests.  Rats can cause the deadly leptospirosis, which could affect a person’s kidney, liver, respiratory tract and brain.  Cockroach is responsible for more than 35 species of disease carrying bacteria. There is a greater risk of death living with house pests than there is by the use of chemical pesticides.

The fear of chemical pesticides is unwarranted

The fear of chemicals and pesticides used in pest control services is unwarranted and is a result of ignorance and sentimentalism.  In fact, not using them when they are the most effective method in pest eradication is more dangerous because house pests can cause myriads of diseases.

When it comes to pest problems, homeowner should not hesitate to allow pest control companies to use pesticides and insecticides.  There is no danger that can come from them if they are applied correctly by licensed exterminators.  Pesticides and insecticides are also some of the most effective means to free a person’s home from dangerous pests.

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