Modern Pest Control Methods You Should Know

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Pest control is a science and a very useful and practical one at that. Since the beginning of human civilization, pests like rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and others had always been a problem.  Pest control methods grow with modern technology and scientific advancement to make homes safe and pest-free.

When fighting a pest that has affected your residence, the best idea  would be to start looking for an exterminator to solve pest infestation is if they use new and safer methods of pest control. Below are modern pest control methods that you can consider when dealing with pest infestations.

Pyrethrin- the safer pesticide against insects

In the past, pesticides do not only poison pests but also pets and the homeowners. This is why after an exterminator applies pesticides, the family is told to wait for hours before entering their house. Pyrethrin is unique because this natural chemical affects insects fast while staying relatively safe for humans and pets.

Pyrethrin is derived from the chrysanthemum plant and is very friendly to the environment. Pyrethrin is biodegradable and breaks down when exposed to oxygen or light.  This means that after application of Pyrethrin, families can go back to their home in shorter time than with other pesticides. This pesticide works by attacking the nervous system of insects and it works fast. Seconds after the application, the insects could no longer move.

Vacuuming instead of poisoning bees nesting on homes

Bees are useful insects because these help pollinate plants. However, when they make their nests behind walls or in the ceiling, they pose danger to homeowners.  Past methods of dealing with this problem is usually through using poison to kill the bees. However, modern exterminators use vacuums especially made for sucking the bees into a container without injuring them.  The exterminators then release the bees to their proper habitats or send them to bee farms for honey production.  Many people like this method not only because it saves the bees, but also because it doesn’t use pesticides.

Incorporating natural pest control techniques

In the past, pest control methods are divided into two types: natural and regular.  Natural methods use nature to help control pests.  Natural method includes growing plants with natural pesticides around the home and keeping natural enemies of pests around. As an example of natural method, people keep frogs in the backyard to control mosquitoes and flies.

Modern pest control services now also recommend natural pest control strategies as part of a long-term solution to their clients’ pest problems. This comes as no surprise considering the growing concerns on the effects of using synthetic chemicals to the environment.

Better treatment of animals

Modern pest control methods are aimed towards efficiency, ecological safety, and humane treatments of animals. Many pest control companies practice relocating useful insects such as bees and ants to their proper habitat instead of just killing them.  Wild animals who also accidentally wander inside human homes are also sent back to their habitat. This way, the animals will resume being useful to the environment.

Pest control companies are now getting on with modernizing their methods so that they can rid homes of pests without posing harm to the homeowners and to the environment, too.  As science and technology grows, so will pest control methods.

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