House Pests: When to Call the Exterminator

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When pests set their eyes on a person’s property, there is no easy way to stop them. They don’t knock on the door. They just come in uninvited. Once they are in, they spend time hiding while they increase their numbers. Usually when the owner of the house notices them, it’s almost already too late. However, there is still a chance for a homeowner do something when he sees these creatures in his home.

Pests Homeowners Can Deal With

Cockroaches are definitely one of the most recognizable pests around. They can’t help but show themselves to homeowners from time to time. They love the attention. Cockroaches can be dealt with using cockroach sprays that can be bought from grocery stores. All the homeowner has to do is find where they are hiding and spray that area. Cockroaches like dark and moist places so he should check those first.

Rats are trickier to kill than cockroaches. These animals are intelligent. Many devices had been made to control rats. Traps, poisons and sprayed deterrents are just a few examples. There is even a device made that emits sounds that supposedly drives rats away.

When there are just two or three rats in a home, traps and poisons work well, however there are downsides to using poison. First, when rats eat the poison, they usually run and hide in a hard to reach corner and die there. When they rot, the homeowners must look for them or suffer the stench for days. Rats also have the habit of running on utensils people use for food. When these rats step on the utensils after they were exposed to the poison, they could pose danger to the family member who uses the contaminated utensils.

Pests Where Homeowners Need Exterminators

Termites are scary creatures. Every month, many homes are abandoned because of their destructiveness. These tiny critters have soft squishy bodies so they would be easy to kill if only they show themselves. However, termites are stealthy pests and they travel to a person’s house through underground tunnels. Once they find a wooden post, they begin eating it from the inside. Homeowners are left unaware until it’s too late because the structure of the house is already compromised.

Because of their stealthy nature, homeowners need the skills of exterminators from a reputable pest control company. They know how termites work, so they will easily find where they are nesting. They also have the proper skills and tools to wipe termites.

Yellow jackets are pests that only expert exterminators should deal with.  They are aggressive if threatened and will attack and hurt homeowners. People who are allergic to their venom could pay the ultimate price if they are stung. To make matters worse, yellow jackets love to make houses on the walls of people’s homes. When a yellow jacket is spotted, it is advisable to call a pest control company right away. Homeowners should not disturb them to avoid injury.

Some household pets are just too dangerous for homeowners to take care by themselves.  When yellow jackets are involved, it is advised to call pest control services right away to remove these dangerous creatures. Termites on the other hand are stealthy and homeowners are not trained in finding them. Rats and cockroaches are easy to deal with, but when their numbers are already too great, it is also the job of a good pest control company to take care of the problem.

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