Four Things Exterminators Want Homeowners to Tell Them

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Everyone knows that when it comes to house pests, exterminators are the best people to call. They know how to take care of pest problems. They have the experience and the expertise that homeowners may not have. However, despite all their knowledge, exterminators need some information from homeowners, too. This is especially true if the property owner doesn’t know what types of rodents are infesting their property, like if they just hear odd noises and or see some animal droppings in their home. Sometimes they don’t ask, but   exterminators want homeowners to fill them in with the situation. 

Previous Infestations

One of the most helpful information a homeowner can give exterminators is the infestation history of the property.  Once a home had been infested with a certain species in the past, there is a chance that it’s the same pests infesting the house at the present.  The property owner should also tell the exterminator what species infested the house before and when. This will help them greatly in doing their job.

Wildlife in the Area

Not only rats and cockroaches could infest somebody’s home. Raccoons, snakes and other bigger animals could also enter a person’s household uninvited. These invading animals could be wild and dangerous. Snakes could be poisonous and deadly while raccoons are known to be carriers of rabies. It would greatly help the exterminator from the pest control company if the owner of the property tells him what wildlife is in the area so they could prepare for the encounter.


Clues can help pest control personnel determine what is infesting a house and where they are hiding. Only the homeowners can provide this information because they are the ones living in the house. If noises are heard, what kinds are they?  Scratching noises could be a sign of rats or a raccoon. Hissing sounds could indicate that there is a snake.

If there are other signs like the slither marks of a snake or rodent droppings, let the exterminator know asthese would also help them determine not only the type of rodent or pest present in your home, but also its hiding places.  Also, by providing these clues to the exterminator sent by the pest control company, the homeowner makes the whole procedure faster and safer for the exterminator.

The Homeowner’s Suspicion

Homeowners should also inform the exterminator what they suspect is infesting their house. More often than not, the homeowner’s suspicions are correct. This is because they know the situation better. Pest control personnel would appreciate it if the homeowner tells them this useful information.

Pest control technicians will really appreciate it if the owner of the home they are servicing provides them with all the information that they may need to do their job effectively.  Not only will the information help them finish the work fast, it also helps keep them safe.  Cooperation between the property owner and the pest control technician is the key to a quick and effective extermination job.

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