Five Things to Ask Exterminators About the Chemicals They Use

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Sometimes, the use of chemicals during pest control is unavoidable.  Pesticides remain as one of the most effective ways to deal with a large-scale house pest infestation.  Everyone knows that pesticides are poisonous not only to pests, but in some degree to human health as well. This is why, when the exterminator recommends the use of chemicals, homeowners should not hesitate to ask the following questions.

Are the pesticides approved by the EPA?

The environmental protection agency or EPA is the government agency responsible in testing chemicals whether they are safe for the environment and humans. Before a certain pesticide or insecticide is allowed to be mass-produced, it has to pass the rigorous standards by the EPA first.  Homeowners should ask pest control companies or the exterminators they send if the chemicals to be used have passed EPA standards.

Has there been any report of the chemical causing harm?

Sometimes even with approval from EPA, some chemicals are still harmful enough to cause illness.  By determining whether an untoward incident had happened in the past in relation to that chemical pesticide, the homeowner is protecting his or her family from potential danger. Professional pest control technicians wouldn’t mind people asking about it because they know safety is first in the mind of everyone.

Is the exterminator fully qualified and licensed to perform the job?

The safety in the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides depends largely on correct application. This is why it is very important that the exterminators are well-trained and are licensed by the state to apply those chemicals. Homeowners should not hesitate to see the exterminator’s license before they allow him to use the chemical pesticides in their homes.  Before technicians can get a license from the state, they had to go through a lot of tests and trainings with the proper handling and application of chemicals.

Should the family stay away from the treated home? If yes, for how long?

This is one of the most important questions that homeowners must ask a pest control service company.  Chemicals can be dangerous to humans, so there is a period after the house is treated when the family must not enter their homes to avoid exposure. By asking this question in advance, the family can plan what activities they will do while waiting for their home to be safe again. Exterminators usually tell the homeowners this information after the treatment, but they don’t mind if homeowners ask in advance.

Are the chemicals safe for animals?

Many homeowners are concerned whether the chemicals used in treating their home are safe for their pets and the animals living near them. Although the pesticides, which already passed EPA testing, are proven to be safe, it is still very important to ask just for peace of mind.

Chemical pesticides, when applied by licensed pest control technicians and approved by the EPA, are safe. There is no need to worry abouttheir safety as long as they are used properly. What homeowners should worry about are the diseases that pests could bring to their families.

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