Five Indispensable Qualities of Professional Exterminators

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Professional exterminators may not have a very positive image. This is because movies like Over the Hedge and Ant Bully insidiously depict exterminators as merciless humans bent on inflicting suffering on poor animals. In real life however, the exact opposite is true.  Pests are the villains who invade a person’s home, destroy his furniture and clothes and steal his food, and the exterminator is the hero who puts an end to this injustice. 

Before a person can become a professional exterminator, he has to possess some exemplary qualities to help him effectively perform his duties.


Many of the tasks that pest exterminators face every day are dangerous. They can deal with wild snakes wasps, yellow jackets and poisonous spiders that can accidentally or quietly enter a home. A lesser man would flee from these animals, but not an exterminator. A professional exterminator will bravely face these perils so that homeowners don’t have to.  Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is facing danger despite of fear.  One of the criteria that pest control companies look for in an exterminator is bravery.


Not many jobs require more dedication than being an exterminator does.  Their jobs could be dangerous, but they happily go to work every day.  They know they could put their lives in great danger, but it is more important for them that households are free from pests that could bring discomfort or present danger to families.  Those who are looking for exterminators should look for this quality first.

Quick mind

The daily life of an exterminator is not a routine.  They usually do not know what dangers the work day brings to them.  Pest control poses lot of different scenarios that exterminators have to process in order to find the best course of action.  This is especially true when they are dealing with poisonous snakes like a rattler whose bites can kill. A quick mind and experience go hand in hand for an exterminator to rid homes of dangerous threats.


Panic is a killer. That is why most exterminators have trained their minds not to panic when faced with dangerous animals.  When an exterminator is over taken by panic, he will pose danger not only to himself but the home owners as well. Exterminators are well trained to resist the all too human tendency to lose their better judgment when faced with danger. This is one of the qualities that makes genuine exterminators reliable.

Friendliness and reliability

This quality of an exterminator is what keeps distraught homeowners calm. Friendliness means the exterminator understands and sympathizes with the homeowner. One of the important tasks of an exterminator is to assure the homeowner and his family that he will take care of everything and will be able to keep pests at bay.

Exterminators are in fact heroes. They provide solutions for homes invaded by unwanted pests. No matter how dangerous the task they may face, exterminators will not back down, they will do anything to help free the owner from the problems caused by pest infestations.

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