Tips on How to Hire the Right Pest Control Company

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Hiring a pest control company is a serious business decision. Aside from being very expensive as it needs to be done in a sustainable manner, the right pest control company becomes a company’s partner in its sanitation initiatives and permit processing. It is especially critical for those in the industries such as food and beverage, construction and real estate, and tourism such as hotels and boutiques.

Usually, the hiring of a pest control company rests on the administration department. But how does a manager or an officer pitch the idea and substantiate the hiring of one to the bosses who will sign the checks? It starts with wait-listing and choosing the right pest control company.

Here is a checklist any administration manager should have on hand before hiring an exterminator. Ask these questions from potential pest control companies:

1.       What is your field of expertise?

Pest control is not a one size fits all industry. Some have chemicals that are great for a corporate office that is usually empty every weekend versus busy hotel kitchens that cater to guests 24/7 without fail.

Because of this, it is important to ask which industries they usually service. Chances are, their answerswill reveal their niche and the areas that they have mastered through the years. In addition, their answers will give you a look into how they are able to do things. Those who service more of offices may not be on-call on weekends while those who have made a living doing pest control for residential places may not be necessarily adept with hospitals.

At the end of the day, a company should be able to get their money’s worth by hiring a company that delivers the goods.

2.       Who are your current clients?

Seasoned pest control companies have a good list of clients. Through this list, it is advisable to ask and do some background research. Do they stick to their word? Are they trustworthy?

Only those who have hired the pest control company can answer.

3.       How much are your services?

The pest control company should be able to provide a menu of services and corresponding prices. Depending on the severity of the project, infestations definitely are more expensive. The company should be upfront with their fees including labor costs and materials. Professionals never surprise clients when it comes to costs.

Also, the pest control company should be able to provide the majority of the needed materials. The company need not add in more money during the pest control session. If it is on a per retainer basis, the price should not deviate from the signed amount unless there are other elements or extra chemicals that are needed during the duration of the contract.

4.       How can I avoid this infestation from happening again?

The right pest control company helps clients avoid future infestations. They provide ideas at no additional cost as to how to prevent being hired as often in the first place.

Get effective protection from pests and your money’s worth by hiring reputable pest control companies. Ask these questions above to find out if you’ve found the right company.

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