Countdown of the Top Five Most Annoying House Pests

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Everyone knows that all pest are annoying, but some rise above the rest in the level of annoyance they give to homeowners.  This list does not rank these pests based on how dangerous they are to human health or to the stability of homes. This is a list of the creepy creatures making homeowners pull their hairs out of sheer exasperation.

Top 5: Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes thrive in hot, humid environments.  The female of this species suck blood to feed its young.  Mosquito bites are extremely itchy and cause little swellings on the skin. What’s more annoying is that they all attack relentlessly in numbers and are very difficult to swat.  When a person does successfully hit a mosquito while it’s biting, the blood that it has sucked splatters on the person’s skin.  They also carry some of the deadliest diseases known to man such as malaria and dengue.  Because of the dangerous diseases mosquitoes bring, pest control is often contacted to remove them.

Top 4: Housefly

Houseflies do not bite but they are more annoying than mosquitoes.  These fast-moving pests like to land on human beings especially on the face. They also love to feast on food. Swatting these creatures is difficult because their eyes can see from different directions. They are also very fast, with wings moving up to 200 times per second.  They also like standing on garbage and fecal matter, before looking for a human to land on.

Top 3: Rats

Rats are creatures who are not ashamed to live on garbage.  An uncovered garbage can will surely attract these creatures.  They are carriers of some very serious diseases, too. However, what makes rats ultra-annoying is their inclination to eat anything.  Once rats enter a house, they can cause damage to wires, furniture, clothing and appliances. They nibble everything with their sharp teeth. Everything is a possible menu for these critters.  Rats are difficult to eradicate without the help of an exterminator from a pest control company.

Top 2: Bed bugs
Bed bugs are very small creatures. They almost can’t be seen by the naked eye, but they are very annoying.  Bed bugs live on mattresses where they wait for human beings to lay down to sleep. When the unlucky person sleeps in a bed bug infested mattress, these tiny creatures will start sucking his blood. Bed bug bites don’t cause pain while they are still sucking, but in the morning, the human victim will be beyond himself because of the itchy rashes the bites create.

The fecal matters of bed bugs are also known to cause allergy on skin and cause asthma when inhaled. Most people call upon exterminators from pest control companies to deal with bed bug problems.

Top 1: Cockroaches

The number one most annoying pest of all time is the cockroach. These creatures come into human homes in search for suitable places to lay eggs.  These insects carry 33 different types of bacteria in its body.  Cockroaches like to crawl on food vessels, spreading their bacteria around.  They also like crawling on faces of sleeping humans. For many human beings, contact with cockroaches causes itchiness.

However, what makes cockroaches the most annoying pest is the fact that they are very difficult to kill. A cockroach whose head has been removed can live for days and continue to lay eggs. They also reproduce fast because one cockroach can lay 4,000 eggs in a day. In addition, they smell really bad. Luckily, exterminators know how to end them effectively.

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