Understanding Houseflies

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Humans have been successfully living among different creatures walking, and crawling and flying, on the face of the earth. Some of these creatures were even brought along to live with people like a member of the family, particularly cats and dogs. However, there is this one tiny flying creature that wants to live peacefully and undisturbed and share with people’s foods whether you like it or not. It is commonly known as the housefly.

Fly Facts

Belonging to the order of Diptera with 240,000 species, housefly is the most familiar fly ever known to man, since they manage to live among people wherever they go. In fact, 91% of them are living with people at this very moment. Houseflies are extremely productive, laying 9,000 eggs in three days with about 75 to 150 eggs per batch. That’s a lot of eggs! The female fly lays egg where food source is available. This ensures that its maggots will be able to consume as much food as it can for growth and development. They feed on feces, carrions, and rotting detritus.

Flies are more active during the day as oppose to mosquitoes. Also, their reproduction is more active in summer while they hibernate in winter. They have this unique ability to turn their food into nearly liquid form makes their feeding more convenient for them for easy consumption. Make no mistake about their size, they can fly miles away from their food source. The flies you find feeding on your garbage bin might be the same flies feeding on other people’s trash bin. Just imagine how much bacteria they brought along with them especially when you find these flies feasting on your food.

The Scary Truth About Houseflies

With their size, houseflies are actually voracious insects and they excrete wherever they feed. Hence, they are known to be one of the most dangerous disease-carrying living creatures. Studies show that a housefly is capable of carrying over a hundred types of diseases, including anthrax, bacillus dysentery, cholera, typhoid, parasitic worms, and salmonellosis. This is one prolific vector that most people have learned to ignore since they practically live with people. With their swarming behavior and sheer number, houseflies are not easy to get rid of. Getting rid of them is indeed a tough challenge.

Tens of houseflies buzzing around might not be considered a threat for humans yet, but in fact they are because of their disease-transmitting ability. But when houseflies start to invade your property, they should be taken seriously. Fighting them off with fly swatter is no longer an option. Before they pose health risks to one’s own family, call the best pest control company in your area.

The best way to deal with housefly infestation is by calling a pest control company that has the right equipment and skills to put an end to your housefly problem. What is spending a few bucks for services rendered if your family will be surely safe from these disease-carrying houseflies? So, before these houseflies can take over your home, pick up the phone and dial the number of the nearest and trusted pest control company. They can also assess your home for presence of other destructive pests like rats and termites.

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