Pest Control Tips for a Healthier Home

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There is no place as conducive and as perfect for pests of any kind as a suburban home. With all its nooks and crannies, moist spots, water puddles, appliances, and of course, its humans – it is such a haven for pesky bugs in more ways than one.

No matter how well-built a house is, everyday toll and a few ignored practices are all it takes to keep pests at bay and maintain the health of the humans who live in it in effect.

Reasons Why Your Home Attracts Pests

What are the reasons why a home becomes a pest sanctuary? Let us count the ways.

1. Where there’s water, there’s a problem.

The presence of water and its sibling, moisture, is a big reason there are pests inside a home. Usually, where it accumulates is where all those bugs are at – clogged sinks with leaky faucets, roofs, water vessels out in the garden, and flooded in garages that are not properly drained or cleaned out on a regular basis. Mosquitoes are the number one fans of these places.

Although water purifiers keep drinking liquids clean, it always does not guarantee safety if these are not cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

Love those baths? Your bath lilies may simply be transferring dead skin cells and other microbes back to the skin of its unsuspecting users if they are not dried out and kept in moist bathrooms.

There are three words to solve this: dry it out. No matter how one cleans, if it’s left wet in the first place, those counter tops and other areas become breeding places for more pests.

2. Keep hoarding at bay.

How many of something does a home really need? Keep hoarding at bay by being conscientious when shopping for clothes and groceries. Apply a rule wherein sandwich spreads for example are not bought until the opened ones in the fridge are fully consumed. This avoids overspending and having a toxic fridge with half of the items filled with small worms from overstocking.

3. Throw, give, recycle.

Homes and its people grow and thus accumulate more than what is necessary. Sentimental reasons aside, dust bunnies probably are found in places where books, magazines, old clothes and shoes, old bags and other documents are stored. Open up and de-clutter! Have boxes ready. Label your boxes to know which ones are worth keeping and the rest, give away to those who can make use of them such as libraries and orphanages.

4. Pets bring in love – and bugs!

Every pet brings in its own share of warmth and cuddles in every home. But if they are not well-groomed and their wastes properly disposed of, they will also bring in problems such as ticks, worms, and skin diseases inside.

Ensure that pets are toilet-trained and are bathed every day. Pets should also have a litter box where they can go to relieved themselves and their housing places such as cages must be disinfected regularly.

5. You can’t clean what you don’t see.

Homes are better off with open lay-outs, not just with its design but more so when it comes to storage. It is highly likely that those cupboards especially found under sinks or above cooking areas whose insides are not seen are not cleaned. Those pests are more than happy with the privacy provided that they proliferate.

Sometimes, no matter how much you clean your house, pests can still enter your home. To keep your home absolutely pest-free, consult a pest control company or an exterminator to get rid of these unwanted guests in your home.


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