Cockroaches: Harbingers of Allergens

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Everyone instinctively knows that cockroaches are filthy and dirty things. As silly as it might seem from something so small, there are quite a few that might even harbor a morbid fear of these rodents. Some can fly, some can’t, and all scurry about surreptitiously like they were up to something. The fear and disgust we feel for them is grounded in reality.

After all, the places they crawl around in aren’t all too clean and sanitary, and they can spread germs in all the places we (and they!) frequently interact with. More than that however, they also pose a serious threat to many people, far more than their size implies. Yes, the cockroach has another thing going for it. It can trigger and exacerbate asthma and even hay fever.

Allergies Caused By Cockroaches

Sufferers know how it is: eyes get all watery and the sneezing that gets intolerable. In the worst cases, breathing becomes a chore and you feel like you’re choking. Normally, the causes for these would be dust or even pollen. What most people don’t realize is that cockroaches can also trigger these reactions. Research on the matter has proven that cockroaches are chockfull of allergens that can cause chronic stuffy noses and acute asthma attacks. On top of that, they can also cause skin rashes, itchy eyes, labored breathing, and more.

So how do cockroaches spread these allergens? These reach us through their feces, urine and even by-products of their decomposition. This later incorporates itself into household dust for double the trouble. And here’s how it’s bad: most of the time, doctors advise asthmatics and hay fever sufferers to stay indoors to avoid exposure to pollen, right? But if you’re the type who suffers due to these pest-related allergies, you’re trapping yourself in a place potentially filled with said pest.

There is a test called the RAST test that tests specifically for cockroach related allergens and should immediately be undertaken if you suspect that this is what causes your allergies to get much worse. Specifically pinning it on roaches isn’t particularly easy. Which is why, for your health, it is better to have the test work down whether or not you’re sure it’s the cause. Better to always err on the side of caution. This is especially true if you have kids as the effect was found to be much worse in them! A good, possible indicator is if you find your allergies run beyond the torment from nature that is Springtime.

Of course, if you’re fortunate enough to not yet be afflicted, then you stand a chance of

preventing this problem from affecting you at all by following a few effective and logical tips:

1.     Do not leave any unwashed dishes in your sink overnight. Wash them as soon as possible.

2.     Regularly clear your kitchen of collected garbage.

3.     Store all excess food in the fridge or at least in airtight containers.

4.     Sweep for crumbs and other loose food particles after every meal.

5.     Hire a licensed pest exterminator or a pest control company to check for signs of infestation and deal with it before it grows.


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