How Carpenter Ants Can Damage Your Home

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An anthill may be a common sight to anyone. May it be in a school playground, on a lawn, or beside precious flowers, an ant’s shelter seems harmless. In some instances even,this ant’s incredible industry just becomes a marvel to witness. However, ants are a threat to homes that are made of wood and these are destructive enough to cause damage to your dream home.

Carpenter ants in particular seem to operate flawlessly as they gradually destroy the structure that a family has worked so hard for to beautify and strengthen. This article will explain why carpenter ants are threats that needed to be responded to immediately and how a house owner   these pests from damaging the house.

Small But Terrible

Carpenter ants don’t reside in the usual anthill. Rather, they thrive in moist and decaying wood in order to have a passageway for food, a nest for eggs, and a shelter from the rain. While decaying wood can be usually found in dense forests, the ubiquity of this material in wooden houses invites carpenter ants to invadeit. Thus, houses that are made of wood are more prone to greater structural damage especially during rainy seasons where some areas are exposed to wetness.

If you are wondering how ants can damage your home, picture this: various areas of the house are interdependent in maintaining its stability. Four equilateral walls are necessary in order to make your house stand. Therefore, a damage inflicted on one results in the overall instability of the whole structure. When ants swarm to one side of the wall or a portion of the door, they can actually be a threat the whole house.

A seemingly innocuous sign of ant invasion may actually portend an extensive destruction that’s waiting to happen because carpenter ants tend to expand their territories as their population also increases. If the situation worsens, a major overhaul is necessary to save the house.

Keeping Carpenter Ants Off Your Wood

Wood may be vulnerable to pests like carpenter ants and other insects but this does not mean that you have to limit your material choicesto cement or stone. Precious wood can be protected from pesky carpenter ants by keeping wood dry. Dry wood cannot be damaged by ants because of its hardness. Carpenter ants have no way of infiltrating hard and dry wood. This is why as much as possible, wooden parts of homes should be protected from being exposed to rain or water.

However, if there is an identifiable part of the house that is already invaded, contacting a trusted pest control company is the wisest thing to do.  Pest control companiescan effectivelydestroy the colonies that pests like carpenter ants have formed.These professionals can alsoeducate you on the necessary measures to prevent pest infestation and how to spot signs of damage due to pest presence.You can also be certain that only safe methods will be used to eliminate pests.

Sometimes, it is very hard to spot signs of pest invasion. In this case, it is recommended to call an exterminator at least once a year so they can have a thorough assessment of your home.

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