4 Most Common Pest Phobias

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Pests can be classified into unwanted plants, organisms, insects and animals. They grow and multiply in areas wherein the surroundings are dirty and unhealthy. Usually, they live in the dirtiest part of the house – in the kitchen sink, pillows, and in the bathroom where it festers even in toothbrushes! Because of the disturbance it causes, it strikes fear in every family, more so in some than the others.  And this level of chronic fear is what is called as pest phobia.

What is a phobia?

Generally, a phobia is a psychological anxiety disorder triggered by a certain event, situation, object, or people. Specifically, pest phobia is having fear for certain kinds of insects. The reactions that people have towards insects were most probably programmed when they were young. If they saw their parents showing fear towards insects, despite these being harmless, it will register in the child’s mind that it is normal to be scared of these bugs.

The good news is the fear can be managed and the best way to do this is to prevent and treat pest infestation. This starts with keeping your home and surroundings clean. Sometimes, pest still invade your property despite being spic and span. Your next course of action will be to call pest control companies. These exterminators will be able to thoroughly inspect your home for pest presence and solve infestation problems from its roots. You can also be sure that these professionals will be able to carry out these pest control methods safely and effectively.

Below is the list of the 4 most common and petrifying pest phobias that one might encounter:

Katsaridaphobia (The Fear of Cockroaches)

Cockroaches have been in human dwellings places since time immemorial. They are harmless as they don’t bite humans; however, they are very dangerous as they can contaminate human food and water with germs and viruses that can cause diseases. Cockroaches are known to possibly carry e.coli and salmonella, which can both cause food poisoning. These nocturnal pests can be found in the comfort room, in the kitchen sink, or anywhere that’s damp and dark.

Musophobia (The Fear of Mice & Rats)

Mice and rats are no doubt considered as pests. They can be found in almost every nook and cranny where they can set up their dwellings, usually in unopened drawers, or worse, piles of clothes which they just love to chew and create holes in. They are very dangerous as they can potentially carry serious diseases, includinghantavirus and leptospirosis in their urine which can cause death. Musophobia can be triggered by the actual presence of a mouse in a room and for more severe cases, just by simply seeing their image on TV or in a picture.

Melissophobia (Also known as, Apiphobia – The fear of bees)

Bees’ sting can cause severe allergic reaction and other health problems due to complications if not treated immediately. A person suffering from fear of bees expresses extreme sense of panic and dread when in close proximity to bees. They tend to sweat profusely and experience shortness of breath that may render them unconscious.

Spheksophobia (The Fear of Wasps)

Wasps belong to the bee family. These just have completely different features and are actually more dangerous than bees. Wasps stings are different from bee stings.Its smooth stinger doesn’t remain in the victim’s skin and their sting can also cause anaphylactic shock, which is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. People who suffer from spheksophobiabecome extremely agitated even just by talking about wasps and when being exposed to these insects and their nest.

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