Top Four Things That Attract Pests Into Your Home

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You see unwanted guests in your home on a regular basis—ants, flies, cockroaches, and rats. If you don’t catch them, you’ll often be surprised to discover remnants of their stay in your home. You find insect waste, sense that pungent cockroach odor in your books, or food spills from containers that you haven’t even opened yet.

The fact is, there are many things in your home that attract pests. They love your food, the dark and damp places inside your house, the plants and trees surrounding your home, and water. Your pets are pest magnets too. They can have fleas and insects may also feast on pet waste.

What are the common things that draw in pests inside your home? Knowing these pest magnets can help you better manage your pest problems.

The Five Common Pest Magnets


Food is the number one element that attracts insects of all sorts into your home. Rodents, particularly cockroaches and rats, love to feast on food on your kitchen counter. They can feed on your bread and pastries, cereals, and meat dishes. Ants may feed on sweet treats, juice spills, and fruits. You may also notice that fruits can attract fruit flies. Insects can go anywhere you take your food. If you eat in your bedroom or the lounge room, it’s not far from possible to see cockroaches or ants feeding on left-over food and crumbs.

Your best move is to out all your food in sealed containers, clean and get rid of food waste, and wash the dirty dishes right away. As much as possible, limit eating and dining activities to your kitchen.

Garbage and Clutter

Your garbage is one big partyland for pests. It attracts flies, rats, cockroaches, and ants all at the same time. It’s moist and it’s dark, making it the perfect breeding ground and makeshift home for insects and rodents. Make sure that your garbage is regularly collected. Keep all waste bins covered and make it a habit to separate wet waste from dry waste. Keep all garbage bags properly tied or sealed to prevent it from attracting pests.

If your yard or garage is full of unused constructions materials or clutter, chances are you’ll also find pests here. Wood attracts termites. Yards and garages are often neglected and as a result, they collect dust and moisture, which make these areas a conducive environment for pests. Organize your yard and garage area. Get rid of things that you no longer plan to use. Instead of using paper boxes for storage, use plastic containers to store your old stuff.

Stagnant Water

Flies and mosquitoes breed on stagnant water. Anything that collects water such as pails, old tires, ponds, and your flower vase can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Get rid of any unused things that collect water especially when it rains in your area.


Insects love your pets too, particularly your dogs and cats. Ticks and fleas feed on the blood these pests. Rats and cockroaches also love pet food and their waste. The solution to this is to keep pests outside your home. You also need to bathe your pets and clean after them. Never leave pet waste on the ground. Also, empty and clean litter boxes.

If your pest problems persist, it is strongly advised to get professional help from pest control experts or exterminators. They are equipped to solve your pest problems fast.


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