Snakes on a Plain: The Hidden Danger in America’s Backyards

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Of all the animals in the world, there are few that elicit a deep primal revulsion and fear like the snake does. There is something about its slow, purposeful, and quiet slithering, its sleek, efficient appearance, and the deadliness underlying its small frame that make people distrust it and even recoil away in fear. It’s an evolutionary response for a good reason and people would be wise to heed the warnings that their bodies instinctively react to. They are, indeed, the deadliest of pests—ones that can strike at any time.

The following are the most dangerous serpents to watch out for. They may vary in appearance or occurrence, but they are no less dangerous.

Copperhead Snake

As its name implies, the copperhead takes on a dull, copper color. This and the resulting pattern make it perfect to hide in drier climates. It’s little surprise that these make their home from Nebraska to Texas and the southeastern States. They are responsible for most of the cases of poisonous bites in the U.S. Amusingly enough, those bites are not too serious a threat. They are, however, exceedingly painful and should still be looked at. You can tell them apart by their hourglass patterns on their back and their triangular heads.

Coral Snake

Marked by its distinct red, yellow and black bands, the coral snake is easily the most deadly of the snakes on this list. They cover a wide area from North Carolina through Florida, along the Mississippi, in Arizona, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Their venom is a potent neurotoxin that can shut down your central nervous system, paralyzing your heart and causing a painful death. 

Diamondback Rattlesnake

The third on the list is the famous diamondback rattlesnake. These rattlers are ubiquitous—found on almost every corner of the United States. What makes them distinct is the shrill rattling sound that they make to warn off anyone foolish enough to come across them. Their poison is easily one of the deadliest in North America and they have a huge pair of fangs to deliver this painfully and efficiently. 

Dealing with the Devils

The only smart way to deal with dangerous snakes is to hire a competent and trained exterminator. Even with a long stick, you aren’t safe because these snakes can strike hard and fast. Wranglers, however, have the necessary skills and techniques to deal with them. If you are bitten, however, for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to go straight to a hospital for emergency care and immediate anti-venom administration.

There are some preventive measures that you can undertake when dealing with them. For one thing, never let grass grow too tall and thick, especially grass that you will be in the area of often. This takes a possible hiding place from them. Also, avoid dark, wet or damp places that they like to live in. Be attentive and careful wherever you tread so you never put yourself at risk.

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