Five Reasons Why Your Fear of Insects and Rodents is Valid

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Humans generally fear insects and rodents. This fear is often coupled with feelings of disgust.For years, there has been a long-standing fear of rats, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, bees, and other insects. The site of cockroaches and rats can make people run, as if they are being chased by monsters.  Some people may also cringe at the site of a colony of ants on walls and countertops. Most cultures would be repulsed by just the thought of eating insects. This is why in daring reality shows, eating these creepy crawlies come as a common challenge.

Considering the size of these insects, some may think that fear of insects is irrational. After all, their size is minute compared to that of humans. But it’s not really the insect’s size that scare people the most. There are several factors that make people cautious when it comes to insects.

Insect Fear Factors

What factors make people fearful of insects? This list will make you understand the roots of those fears.

1. Culture

How your culture views insects influences the way you see them. If you live in a country where insects are generally shunned, you would also be condition to hate or fear them. In some countries, certain types of insects or rodents are revered. In India for example, rats may eat with people. There are also countries that eat bugs. In Bangkok, you can see food stalls selling bugs like crickets and grasshoppers.

2. Diseases

Another valid reason to be scared of insects is diseases. Rodents and insects can transmit diseases. Cockroaches can contaminate your food with e.coli and salmonella. Rats are known to be carriers of hantavirus and leptospirosis. A mosquito bite can make a person sick with serious conditions like malaria and dengue fever. In history, rats have been associated with plague. It’s not surprising that the theme of some horror films is rat invasion.

3. They bite.

Certain types of insects bite. They bite to feed on your blood for their survival. They can also bite to defend themselves or to protect their dwelling place, as in the case of bees. While most insect bites are not dangerous, some can sting and they can also be life-threatening. These can also trigger allergies. At worst, they can cause an anaphylactic reaction, a medical emergency.

4. They can destroy your home.

Insects and rodents don’t only feed on humans, they feed on your things too. They can feed on wood, paper, soap, food and leather. They can also munch on your prized furniture.

Protecting Yourself from Insects

The best way to manage your fears is to manage these insects. Implement measures to keep your home and surroundings bug-free. These include keeping your house clean and organized. Trim the bushes and secure all possibly entryways like small holes in the corner or cracks on your walls. Call an exterminator or a pest control company for safe and effective pest control methods. You can also use insect repellents. Avoid fully exposing your skin or wear protective clothing when you are outdoors.




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