Five Most Common Pests You’ll Find at Home

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You have cleaned your house, sprayed a substantial amount of pesticide, installed insect traps almost everywhere and yet you see them again—that pesky little mouse running about your kitchen, the ants feasting on the stain on your sofa, and that dark cockroach lurking in your bathroom at night. It seems that whatever you do, the stubborn pests refuse to leave your home.

The problem is not really in your cleaning techniques, but the nature of the pests themselves. Insects are attracted to many things that can be found inside your home. They’re attracted to food, garbage, your pets and pet waste, moisture, water, dirty dishes, plants, and even your odor. Cockroaches may even feed on things that you perceive to be “clean” like soap or paper. Termites feed on wood and may destroy your home’s structure.

Common Household Pests

The best thing you can do to get rid of insects successfully is to hire a pest control company. They have effective and safe methods of keeping pests at bay. You can also implement pest control measures at home. Here are the most common household pests and the suggested ways on how you can repel them.

1. Rats

Rats usually enter the hope through small holes or gaps in your wall. They may also enter through the opening in your vents, windows, and doors. The best way to drive them away is to remove anything that they can feed on. Keep your garbage containers covered and store your leftover food in enclosed containers. Clean after your pets and keep the yard and the garage organized.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches, like rats, love the same food that humans eat. However, they are also fond of eating non-edible things like paper. These critters are attracted to moisture and humid areas like your kitchen sink and bathroom. They often crawl around in these places at night. To keep cockroaches away, always clean your countertops and keep them dry. Cleaning with vinegar solution will also help repel them. Never leave dirty dishes unwashed overnight. Roaches will feast on them! Bathroom floors must also be kept dry.

3. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed on stagnant water. Female mosquitoes feed on human blood while their male counterparts feed on flower nectars. To get rid of mosquitoes, remove anything in your house that collects stagnant water like spare tires and unused pales. If you have a pond, replace the water regularly. Use mesh screens for your doors or windows, especially if you live near swamps or lakes.

4. Bed bugs

Bed bugs, as the word suggests, love to stay in your bed. But they can also be found in your clothing, luggage, or furniture. They feed on human blood. While they don’t carry diseases, they can trigger allergies and cause itching. It’s also difficult to sleep peacefully when there’s a bed bug infestation. Washing in hot water and vacuuming are some of the ways to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bug covers are also available to protect your mattress. A reputable pest control company would know how to best treat bed bugs.

5. Ants

Ants are attracted to anything sweet. This includes fruits, candies, and sugar. They may also feast on dead bodies of other insects. They love to stay in warm places, trees and plants. Ant bites tend to sting. To keep ants away, seal all food sources. Sweep the kitchen area. Avoid eating in your bedroom, your sofa, or when you do, be sure to pick up the crumbs. Seal off entry points like cracks or small holes in corners.

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