Don’t Let the Beg Bugs Bite: Tips to Sleeping Tight

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Unlike most pests, bed bugs aren’t too much a concern for most people. They aren’t large enough to freak people out, nor are they particularly dangerous to elicit a fear response. But anyone who has suffered an infestation of these little critters will tell you that they’re insanely annoying and can cause sleepless nights and annoyed and itchy mornings. 

Know Your Enemy

Bed bugs are classified as parasitic insects the feed exclusively on blood. In this case—the most common of them all—they have a preference for human blood. They got their name not because they like lazing around on weekends, but because they prefer the warmth that beds and homes bring to them. They might not be completely, exclusively nocturnal, but they are most active at night.

Due to their diminutive size, bed bugs are not noticed when they feed.Be that as it may, they bring with them a lot of irritating adverse effects. The primary effect is skin rashes. These result from the bite and can be minor for single bed bug bites, or affect a large area if several inhabit your bed. The itching can last for a long time and can be very annoying. The secondary effect is more psychological. When you have a terrible infestation, you might feel like something is crawling about your body. They are actually doing so, of course. But the fact that they’re difficult to see can be maddening.

In the worst cases, they can cause really serious allergic symptoms in some people, which might necessitate the need for antibiotics. The good news is that they don’t transmit any pathogens or diseases like other pests do and don’t ever cause property damage. 

Signs of Infestation

Because they’re so small, it’s difficult to spot a bed bug. If you wake up and find yourself itching all over, you might more readily attribute it to mosquitoes. There are several signs to look out for that might help you narrow the suspect list down to these tiny little things:

1.      Blood stains on your sheet and pillowcases might result from a bed bug bite. Particularly if you’re rolling around interrupts their feeding.

2.      Dark spots on your sheets, pajamas, walls, etc that are bed bug excrement trails.

3.      Egg shells or shed skin on or around your bed.

4.      A bad-smelling, musty odor that is released from the bed bugs’ scent glands.

Dealing with the Threat

Like most pests, bed bugs are a sign that you really need start to clean things up or get a new mattress. That issue of cleanliness is far more personal with the bed bug, though. So it would really pay to be clean to begin with. If you’re facing a huge infestation, however, the only real safe solution is to call for pest control. These exterminators will be able to handle the infestation in a way that is safe and harmless to your family. Their knowledge of proper procedures and their use of green chemicals are a big plus and will have you itch-free in no time.



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