Tips on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

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Fruit flies may be tiny, but they can be pesky insects that are difficult to get rid of. They have strong wings and are quite resilient, despite their size. The first step is to positively identify the insect as a fruit fly. If you see them mainly in the kitchen or over the drains, that is likely what you have. They are not only drawn to rotting food, but also the organic material rotting in the pipes. For this reason, homeowners often find it necessary to call a pest control specialist to get to the bottom of the problem and ensure that the insects are gone for good.


How Fruit Flies Get In Your Home

It can seem mysterious how fruit flies suddenly appear out of the blue. The truth is they can get in through the tiniest of cracks, holes in screen windows or through open garage doors. They are attracted to the smell of fermented foods. Therefore, one bad apple in a bag can attract a swarm of them. Rotting bananas in a fruit basket are highly attractive to these insects. They might already be in the food you purchase from the store, making their way into your home and spreading quickly. They can also be found in the dish drain, under kitchen mats and in or near the trash.

Why Getting Rid of Them Is Difficult

Part of the reason why fruit flies are hard to eliminate is because they take seven to eight days to fully mature and reproduce quickly, laying as many as 500 eggs during their average 25-day lifespan. This means that even after the adults have been captured, their eggs are still lurking and it takes a while for them to hatch and mature. Allowing the life cycle to play out means having to deal with plenty more fruit flies.

It often requires the help of an exterminator because the problem goes beyond what you can see. Though you may bee a handful of them hovering around your kitchen sink, the problem can go much deeper. Fruit flies can infect the pipes and other areas that you can’t see. While cleaning the kitchen and removing food sources that attract them is key to reducing their presence, it is equally important to treat the drains. Some people believe that pouring bleach down the drain will do the trick, but this method is not effective.

How An Exterminator Can Help

A pest control specialist can use traps to catch the adults to prevent reproduction and spray to keep the eggs from developing into a whole new batch of fruit flies. They can also treat the drains and pipes to get rid of the organic material that the fruits flies feast on. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting rid of these insects. Fruit flies carry germs and bacteria, which can make people sick. Call a professional if you see signs of fruit flies in your home. Until you see results, make sure to cover all foods, put leftovers away quickly, and discard any food that you have witnessed fruit flies on.


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