When Nest Removal Calls for an Exterminator

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You see people swatting at flying insects all the time. But is that smart? Actually it is best not to swap at stinging insects like bees, yellow jackets, and wasps. This usually aggravates them and causes them to sting you. But imagine you find a nest on your property. Would you like to aggravate a whole swarm off flying insects? Here are some tips to controlling their population.

Preventive Tips to Keep Flying Insect from Taking Residence in Your Yard

  • Always keep food and drinks covered when outdoors. Flying insects tend to circulate around people at summer parties and picnics.
  • Keep trash tidy and lids on garbage cans at all times. Stinging insects aren’t opposed to eating your unwanted food. The smell attracts them.
  • Use unscented lotion and sunscreen when you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time. Flying insects are attracted to floral scents as well.
  • Seal the gaps along your home’s foundation, in the gutters, around the shutters, and in the deck. These all make nice spots from them to build their nest and return day after day, increasing the chance of them stinging you or getting inside of your home.

What to Do When You Find a Nest

If you locate a nest near your home, don’t try to remove it on your own unless you are trained and have a protective layer of gear to wear. Keep in mind that hives can be quite large and may contain hundreds of insects. The entire hive may not be visible from where you stand. You may find yourself over your head quickly if the majority of the hive is hidden inside or behind a panel.

  • If swarmed by these stinging insects, you may require medical attention. Getting hundreds of stingers removed is not fun. Even worse is if you happen to be allergic to them.
  • Also keep in mind that the honey bee population is dwindling and they are needed to pollinate a large portion of the foods we eat. It is best not to harm these helper bees, but to have someone relocate them to a better spot.
  • Even if you spray and all the bees are gone, the hive still needs to be removed. New bees will find the old hive and take residence in it if it is left empty.
  • When bees or other flying insects build nests in your home, they can create a lot of damage. Their honey can cause rotting and damage to wood and other materials. Once the hive is successfully removed, you will likely have to make repairs and fill the gaps.
  • Call a trained professional to locate the nest, identify the insects and get rid of them for you.

An exterminator can identify the type of insect dwelling in the hive and use the best possible methods to safely remove them, allowing you to reclaim your home. They know have the equipment and understanding to solve the problem quickly and make sure that the bees, yellow jacks, and hornets don’t return.

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