Hire an Exterminator to Control Fall Pests

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As the summer winds down, its time to start thinking about protecting your home from fall pests. While there are some things you can do on your own to prevent them from getting in, like patching holes and cracks, help is often needed. Only an exterminator can do a thorough inspection, offer expert advice, and create a plan for pest prevention and control.

Be on the Lookout for These Common Fall Pests

Although pests can be a problem throughout the year and summer is often viewed as the height of pest infestations, that usually involves flying insects and spiders. However, these pests are commonly found in the fall:

Stink bugs. Much like a skunk, stink bugs are pretty harmless, but they emit a nasty odor when messed with. Although they don’t bite, they can ruin the fabrics of furniture and clothing with their feces.

Bed bugs. These pesky bugs are more likely to invade your home in the fall to find warmth. They can attach to your clothing and belongings from anywhere, including camps and hotel rooms. Once infested, its hard to get rid of them. It is a job meant for an exterminator.

Ants. These pests are also more prevalent in the fall. They are destructive as they can eat the wood structure of your home. They can also infect your pantry in search of food. An exterminator can locate their hills and get rid of them faster than any over-the-counter products can.

Cockroaches. The worst part about finding cockroaches in your home, aside from their ugly nature, is that they are capable of spreading diseases. It is important to seal cracks and sanitize the home to make sure they don’t get in. An exterminator can spray to keep them away in the fall months and beyond.

Box-Elder bugs. These insects are sometimes mistaken for cockroaches, but they are smaller with red lines along their backs. They are attracted to warm homes with a lot of exposure to the sun. Once nesting in the sunny side panels of your home, it is easy for them to find their way in.

Rodents. It isn’t just bugs and insect that look for a warm place to live in the fall. Mice and rats also seek shelter in houses. They are attracted by food and can find their way into your home through the smallest cracks. Once inside, they can create havoc; nesting in the insulation, creating a home in your garage, and potentially spreading diseases.

Call an Exterminator to Prevent Fall Pests

As fall weather approaches, don’t be surprised to see pests lurking both inside and outside of your home. Calling an exterminator before the temperatures drop can actually help prevent infestation problems that last into the winter months. An experienced technician can diagnose the problems, identify insects, and come up with a treatment plan to keep your home pest free this fall. With a prevention plan in place, you won’t ever have to screech at the sight of these common pests.

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