Pest Control Tips: How to Get Rid of Bats

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Bats are fascinating creatures which are primordial in the ecosystem. However, it is important to know the methods the keep them away from your home. Indeed, they are not the most welcome guests in our houses, but getting rid our bats is more tricky then getting rid of ants, roaches or termites. Because some types of bats are protected, it is important to know the right ways to evict them from your home. This article lists a few ways to do so.

Find the ┬áNest’s Location

The first step is to find where and if there are bats in your home. To enter your house, the animals need a point of entry. If you find broken screens, missing shingles or tiles and cracks in walls leading to windows or chimneys, these are likely paths the bats used to enter your home. The first step to avoid getting more visits from bats is to close such entryways. Remember these animals can be tiny, so even small cracks or holes need attention. Additionally, finding bat droppings is a sure sign that bats are currently occupying your home. These are crumbly and have tiny bits of insects in them. Make sure to avoid breathing in the droppings, they can transmit a large range of potentially hazardous diseases to humans. Wear a mask to protect yourself when investigating for bats in your attic.

Choose the Right Time

After you find the bats, take time to see if it is the right season to get rid of them. In fact, some types of species are protected and eliminating them in a certain season on your own can result in a hefty fine. Consult with your department of conservation first. If you notice there are baby bats, you may have to wait until they are adults to remove them. In the winter, you will probably not be able to take the bats out of your home as they will not survive the winter. The maternity season for bats depends on the species and state, and usually ranges between the months of April and August.

Call the Right Specialist

Avoid removing bats by yourself. In fact, doing so can result in you hurting the bats, killing them (which is not a good thing if the bat is protected), or even hurting yourself. The professionals you should contact are pest control workers in your town, your local department of conservation and a pest control specialist. This panel of professional will be able to identify the bat, know how to prevent more invasions of these animals and have the required in-depth knowledge of the laws and the proper ways to remove them (or not to remove them.)


If you need to remove bats from resting on your trees in your backyard, use balloons, mothballs or cat repellent spray to keep these animals from invading your yard and garden. These are cheap and easy ways to discourage such small creatures from finding shelter close to your home. However, keep in mind that bats dropping make a great fertilizer.

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